Data Sharing Tethering PRO v 2.2.4 APK Unlocked

Control and share your Internet connection of your smartphone with your laptop, tablet or another smartphone. Data Sharing is a WiFi hotspot and tethering …

February 4, 2018
Requires Android
4.1 and up

Data sharing can be done via a WiFi hotspot or an app for tethering management. There are no surprises with sharing mobile data. Set your own limits and share your mobile data consumption to avoid overusing it.


* Start/stop the shared service for Bluetooth hotspot and Bluetooth Tethering Interfaces.
* Control the data and time usage of WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth and USB tethering interfaces.
* Define data usage limits and time limits for each session, day, and month.
* Monitor activity using the device.
* Daily chart of data usage with detailed information on each tethering event. Also, statistics per hour.
* A widget that controls all tethering interfaces.
* Stop the connection to shared data automatically when one of the limit is exceeded.
* Notify us if one or both of the fixed limits are exceeded.
* Stop the shared data connection automatically after a time limit.
* Connection signal device.
* Export statistics to CSV
* Multisim support.
* Start tethering interfaces during startup

What’s new

* Android O Fix widget
* Increase tether service persistence on Android O
* Android O improves tether state changes
* Improve RTL layouts
* Arabic Translation
* Upgrade dependencies

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