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Kustom Industries

Updated 2021/10/05
Size 20 MB
Version 3.57b122410aosp
Requires Android 4.4
Kustom is the most powerful Widget Creator ever! Make your Android Lockscreen or Launcher stand out with Kustom. Its WYSIWYG editor (What You See is What You Get) allows you to design your own designs and display any data at once, without draining your battery like many other tools. You may also want animations. Check out KWGT’s little brother Kustom Wallpaper! This key unlocks these extras in : – Disable the ADS Support the Devs! – Unlock all external skins and import from SD – Recover preset Support for imports of Buzz Launcher Save the planet from alien invasion Kustom Widget allows you to create custom Digital and Analog Clocks. The only limit is your imagination. You get: – A skin to begin with and some Komponent (a Widget for Kustom). Text with custom fonts, colours and sizes – Shapes such as Ovals, Rects. Arcs. Triangles. Hexagons. 3D Flip Transformations, Curved and Skewed Text – Gradients and shadows, tiling, and colour filters – Zooper likes progress bars and series – Layers with overlay effects such as pro image/photo editors (blur/clear, xor. difference, saturation). Touch actions/hotspots for any object you make Support for PNG, JPG, WEBp Image and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Google Fitness Support (segments and calories, steps, distance, sleep, steps) – Complex programming language that includes functions, conditionals, and global variables – Widget Background/Aspect Change based on touch, location, weather, or any other factor – Dynamic downloading of content via HTTP (live weather, live maps, etc.) – Native music utilities (currently playing song title, album and cover). Weather with wind chill and feels like temperature RSS and free XML / XPATH / Download Text Tasker support: Tasker can load presets via Tasker, and Tasker can change variables via Tasker. – Displays a lot of data such as date, time and battery (with duration estimation), calendar and astronomy (sunrise and sunset, illumination, stardate), CPU Speed, Memory, Countdowns, WiFi status, traffic info and next alarm, location and moving speed, IP, network data, and many more. Similar apps (go look them out, KWGT IS better, full comparison ): HD Widgets – Zooper Widgets – UCCW Ultimate custom widget Create your widget – Buzz widget

What’s new

– A new icon Translations up

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