PowerPRO – Battery Saver APK v5.5.3

PowerPROBattery Saver – Although many do not believe that applications like this do not help at all, it’s not. This application has one different feature …



March 12, 2021
Size 18M
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Notification: The dfndr batteries will cease to be available after 4/30/2022. Users can also access the essential functions of the battery in our principal app, Dfndr Security. Since October 2015, it has been our pleasure to offer dfndr batteries accessible to all users. We hope you enjoy using the app. [email protected] is the email address to reach us if you have any questions.
dfndr is a battery-saving app that helps conserve your phone’s life in various ways. It will close inactive apps using battery life and allow you to choose which ones to keep open. It can also be used to save power by dimming the brightness of your smartphone​s screen.

Quick Optimization Quick Optimization is the most straightforward way to save your phone’s battery life. It can be used multiple times per day to save battery power, primarily if your phone is frequently used or you don’t have an easy way to charge it.

 Super Optimization 
Even though you aren’t using them, apps running in the background can drain your battery life. Super Optimization shuts down background apps and prevents them from draining valuable battery power. The best thing? The best part?

Battery Cooler
The battery cooler helps to keep your phone cool and reduces power consumption. You will save your battery life and protect your phone’s CPU and other components from possible damage.

Charge Monitor
Lockscreen Charge Monitor allows you to monitor your phone’s battery level, be notified when it is complete, and prevent overcharging from your phone’s lock screen. You can also customize your phone’s lock screen to receive notifications and set the screen wake-up time.

Customizable Profiles 
You can choose from four different battery saver profiles to create an experience that is unique to you.

Battery Health Report
A quick snapshot of your phone’s battery health and status, including information like battery temperature, remaining power, and capacity.

Screen Saver
Our battery-saving technology cuts off up to 33% light output from your screen without compromising brightness or visibility.

To activate its core functions, this app must have Accessibility.

Join our fight against deceptive advertising
PSafe is committed to online security and safety for our users. Some third parties have illegally used our logo and name to create misleading ads content. For example, “scareware” falsely claims that a virus has infected your devices. PSafe strongly condemns these “scareware” tactics. You should take a screenshot of any suspicious “virus alert” type ads and copy the URL link to your browser or redirect. Email both to [email protected] Your support is greatly appreciated in combating these horrible practices.

What’s new

-PowerPro now has a fresh new look and a brand new name
-It will now be called dfndr batteries.
– Our brand new icon for our app is now available. It remains true to PSafe shield but adds a little modern fun with a new colour.



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