Stick Nodes Pro – Stickfigure Animator APK V3.3.2

Stick Nodes Pro – Stickfigure Animator – application for novice animators, with which everyone can create a small cartoon. The main objects here are Stickmans, who undergo various changes in order to get interesting shots.

April 10, 2022
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Stick Nodes is an app that allows you to create stickman animations using your mobile device. Stick Nodes was inspired by the stick figure animation community. It allows users create stick figure animations and export them as animated GIFs or MP4 videos. Stick Nodes is a popular animation app for young animators.
This is Stick Nodes PRO VERSION. Extra Pro features include:
* There is no startup ad
* Exports are not subject to watermark
* Sound effects can be added to frames
* Export to MP4 video (not only GIF)
* Additional stick figure filters (blur and glow, plus many more)

* Animations will be smoother with automatic customizable frame-tweening
* Simple camera that pans, zooms and rotates around the scene. This is similar to Flash’s “v-cam”.
* Movieclips allows you to create loop animation objects and reuse them in your projects.
* Create any stickfigure you want with a variety of shapes, colors/scales on a per segment basis.
* Text fields are used to allow speech and text accessibility in your animations.
* You can add all sorts of sounds effects to your energy to make it epic.
* Use different filters on stick figures: transparency, blur, glow etc.
* Use stick figures to hold/wear objects.
* There are many animators and interesting people in large communities.
* Download the site for over 30,000+ stick figures.
To share your animated video online, export to GIF or MP4 (or both).
* Compatibility with pre-3.0 Pivot stick figures.
* Save, open, or share your projects, stick figures, or movie clips.
* All the usual animation stuff, such as undo/redo and onion-skin. Background images are also available!
* Please note that sounds, filters and MP4-export can only be used by Pros

* English
* Espanol
* Francais
* Japanese
* Filipino
* Portugues
* Russian
* Turkce

Stick Nodes is a vibrant community of animators where they can have fun, help one another, share their work and even create stick figures to be used by others.

You can search YouTube for “stick nodes” to view just a handful of the many animations that users have created with this stickfigure animation application. This is the animation maker or creator app you need!

Stay Up-to-Date
Stick Nodes has received constant updates since its initial release in 2014. Stay up to date with the latest news about Stick Nodes and join the community!

Stick Nodes is the best simple animation app on Android! This app is great for teaching animation in schools, whether for beginners or for advanced students. Stick Nodes is strong enough to allow even the most experienced animators to display their talents.

What’s new

Dropdown boxes now include a search filter that allows you to navigate your imported stick figures/movie clip/sounds more efficiently
* Fixed bug in Quick Resize Tool not turning on/off at the wrong times
* Fixed bug in smart-stretch issue 0-length node
* Other minor tweaks





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