Touch VPN MOD APK 2.0.3 (Premium Unlocked)

Unable to access some websites or apps? Worried about unprotected Wi-Fi hotspots? Want to be anonymous and protected from surveillance and hackers? Touch …
Updated 2021/10/02
Size 18.95 MB
Version 2.0.3
Requires Android 4.2
Are you unable to access certain websites or apps? Are you concerned about WiFi hotspots that aren’t protected? You want to remain anonymous and protect yourself from hackers and surveillance? Touch VPN is the best choice for you!
Public WiFi is dangerous. Any information you send or receive via your mobile device over public WiFi could be intercepted. This makes your personal information, such as passwords and pictures, vulnerable to hackers.

Touch VPN transforms public WiFi into private, secure WiFi. Your mobile security, privacy and personal information are automatically protected when we detect public WiFi networks.

Hotspot Shield is the provider of Touch VPN, which provides privacy, security, and access.

Highlights from Touch VPN:

Accessible: 100% free. You don’t need to provide credit card information. There were no trials.
Unlimited: Truly unlimited. There are no bandwidth, speed or session limitations.
Easy: Block the world with just one click of the “Connect” button
Secured With our strong SSL encryption, you will be completely anonymous and protected.
Support: If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send an email to: [email protected]!

# What’s a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Touch VPN allows you to connect to a VPN server from another country. It establishes a secure and encrypted connection. The encryption process ensures that data cannot be blocked or filtered. For example, if you are in Sweden and connect to a VPN server located in the US, your traffic will look as if it were coming from the United States.

# Why Use a VPN

A VPN will allow you to bypass geo-restricted and censored sites like Youtube, Pandora, and Facebook. It will also protect your online privacy and security as you surf the internet anonymously.

# VPN or Proxy

VPN and Proxy allow you to hide your identity by changing your IP and rerouting your internet traffic. A proxy server works with any browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox. It may not work with some web pages that aren’t compatible with your browser. A VPN service, unlike a proxy, encrypts all traffic and works with all internet-based services. VPN provides more freedom online, privacy, and security.

# Why touch VPN

Touch VPN is free, unlimited, secure, and extremely easy to use. You can connect to any server below (Sweden or the United Kingdom, France, United States of America, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, France and Canada) to enjoy online privacy and freedom. Touch VPN allows you to:

– Access any website from any country. To bypass geo-restrictions, you can unblock any website from anywhere! Access sites that are blocked by your school, government or workplace. You can bypass firewalls and access Facebook.

Protect your data from hackers When you connect to a public WiFi Hotspot, your name, passwords and other personal information could be easily compromised. Touch VPN encrypts all your data and offers banking-level security to ensure the best protection.

Touch VPN is a simple VPN Proxy Service. Touch VPN has only one button. This button allows you to connect to anonymous servers at speeds up to 100 times faster than a web proxy. Our app is not in use, so we can help you conserve your battery. We offer a free, unlimited VPN service!

Surf anonymously on the Internet Your ISP can monitor your browsing habits and block websites from tracking you and targeting you. Touch VPN changes your IP address so that your online identity and internet activity are hidden from prying eyes.

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