WiFi Overview 360 Pro APK v4.70.02

An excellent application that significantly expands the built-in Android network search function. The application can find open wi-fi points; after finding the network, you will receive sound and text messages about all the information on this point. In the app, there are also a lot of excellent additions. For example, you can also optimize the point available and configure all the necessary functions.

March 17, 2022
Size 11M
Requires Android
4.3 and up

WiFi Overview 360 – The universal WiFi tool that includes WiFi overview 360. Widgets
WiFi Overview 360 Pro is more than a WiFI scanner. It shows all WiFis within range. This app is a “Swiss Army Knife” for WiFis.

This tool allows you to manage and optimize your wireless network. It also provides detailed information about the WiFis in your environment (WiFi name (SSID), channel number, signal strength, encryption – closed or not, and more).

The tabs “Ch-Check” and “Ch. Radar (Channel Radar) is a powerful tool for optimizing your WiFi network. Your network should use a frequency range or channel that is not used by other wireless networks to achieve the best performance. WiFi Overview 360 allows you to make the best channel selection.

The powerful “WiFi Detector/Sniffer,” only available in the Pro Version, greatly expanded the Android function. “WiFi Detector,” which searches for open WiFis, provides a notification (sound and pop-up window, vibrate, and text-to-speech – if desired) and allows you to connect automatically.

These are the main features:
-WiFi Detector – The powerful open network finder (only the Pro version)
– “Quick Connect Shortcut” – This shortcut allows you to switch between/to WiFis quickly. Only the Pro version is available
-You can manually change the priority of WiFi (only the Pro version).

What’s new

better Android 11/12(S) support
Bug fixes
Numerous code optimizations
Performance improvements
Stability improvements

Included 1×1, 2×1 or 4×1 widgets in different styles
-WiFi scanner
– WiFi Sorting Options for “strength”, ‘alphabetically”, ‘channel”, and “open/known WI-Fis”
-Automatic WiFi activation at Startup – If off, and automatic Turn-Off at the End
-Manual way to add a network
– detailed WiFi information
– A graphic representation of all wireless networks within the operating range
-Channel checker to make sure you are choosing the right channel
-Support for tablets
– WiFi Internet connection check
-You can find out more about our products here.


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