GTA 6 screenshot, according to fans

GTA 6 screenshot, according to fans

GTA 6 screenshot, according to fans

The internet is being ripped apart by a new GTAVI screenshot. Fans are trying to determine if it’s real or fantasy.

Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts eagerly awaited new information about the secretive GTA VI. They had to settle for questionable leaks such as this week’s leaked screenshot from Reddit user U/thetensedoctor. But some fans aren’t buying it.

This screenshot shows an early version of the game. It features some amazing graphics and lighting effects, even though it is not yet finished. The screenshot shows the female protagonist standing next to a group of NPCs at night, with only the buildings and street features visible through the glow of nearby lights.

Fans were stunned to discover that it might be real. Reddit user gudenbebe stated that “I can’t imagine how amazing the Ground looks in all screenshots. It is so detailed.” However, some fans are skeptical about the authenticity of the leak.

Although the leak appears to be from a pre-alpha version, it looks better than most finished AAA games. Popular examples include Watch Dogs 2 (watchdogs legion) and Watch Dogs Legion (watchdogs legion). Users believe the final product will look worse. Sebastienx21 stated that “most games look better after all core graphical options have been implemented.” Optimization is where they will tone them down to make it run on lower-end PCs and consoles.

This happened just before another leaked portion of the in-game map. Although this is not confirmed with 100% accuracy, it is believed to be huge, surpassing GTA V’s.

Like all leaks, new and held, you need to take it with a pinch of salt. Rockstar Games will not officially reveal the final product until then, so we are left searching for any potential leaks.

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