Bug Heroes 2 APK + Mod: Unlocked

Just awesome This is a great game mixes strategy, defense, and action well.


Foursaken Media

Requires Android 2.3 and up

While you’re away, an epic battle between swords, guns and armour rages daily on your counters and floors. You can now enter the world of the Bug Hero!
The creators of Monster Adventures & Heroes & Castles have created a new adventure that combines fast-paced action, strategy and defensive gameplay.

25 different heroes are available to master – including a Waterbug pirate who wields a hook, an old and wise Aphid sensei and a champion Bumblebee fighter, a grenade-launching Worm, poison obsessed Stinkbug and many more! You can customize your squad of 2 and seamlessly switch between them, while also unleashing powerful abilities against your enemies. Fortify your base, gather junk food, build turrets and level up your heroes. Armour and weapons are available to help you survive.


* MOBA-like cooperative & competitive multiplayer
* A ton of single-player content including missions and a base vs. base skirmish mode
* 25 heroes to master – create your team of 2
* Two heroes can be controlled simultaneously with innovative squad-based gameplay
* Upgrade your Bug Heroes and increase their skills. You can also buy weapons, armour and gear.
* Find food and defend it with turrets or upgrades
* Completing missions and earning stars to unlock powerful upgrades
* Learn melee and ranged combat. You can slash your enemies with swords and swat insects off of ledges. You can also blast them at long range with guns or magic.
* Tactical gameplay – use cover to defeat your enemies
* More than 75 different enemy types are available to be defeated
* Sync across devices using cloud save

What’s new

– Android 5.0 compatibility
– App size reduced by 130MB
Massive RAM optimizations
– Fixed problems with switching graphics quality


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