City Island 5 MOD APK 3.25.1 (Free Shopping)

Build a city, your city “City Island 5 – Tycoon Building Simulation Offline”, a new city builder game from Sparkling Society, will make you the mayor of …

DEVELOPER Sparkling Society – Build Town City Building Games
Updated 2022/02/05
Size 87 MB
Version 3.25.1
Requires Android 4.1 and up

Create a city“City Island 5: Tycoon Building Simulator Offline” is a new Sparkling Society city-building game that will let you become the mayor of a small island town. You can send your airship around the globe to discover new islands and build new cities. While most city-building games only allow you to manage one city, “City Island 5 Offline Tycoon Builder Sim Game” will let you expand your horizons and skylines to other islands with different themes and surfaces to build a new city. You can also play this city game offline, so you can build your city even if you don’t have an internet connection. Join millions of people to play the most popular mobile casual game series for city-building!

From a small town to a large city to a metropolitan area

Although your town may start as a small village, you can grow it by building more buildings and unlocking more islands. The City Island sim game series is well-known for its highly rewarding offline games. It’s packed with quests, loads of content and always something to do. Visit my city and the towns and cities of your neighbours.


Building a city with a goal and a purpose

These simulation city-building games are free and casual. “City Island 5, – Offline Tycoon Building Simulation Game” will keep you entertained for hours. This island city builder game offers hundreds of buildings and dozens of quests that will lead you to treasure chests full of cool stuff. Play with your friends to build and design your island city. These casual tycoon simulations have many amazing buildings and islands that you can unlock. You will be able to spend long hours collecting money to help your city grow.


“City Island 5: Tycoon Building Simulation Offline”

City Builder Games Features

This complete simulation game of construction allows you to collect, upgrade, decorate and explore!
– Earn treasure chests and collect rewards!
-You can play this game online or offline. Playing this game requires no internet connection
-You can now have fun with city-building games again, featuring dozens of islands for you to build your city!
– Watch other players’ cities and build your own!
– Please rate us and give feedback to us!

What’s new

-Popup and behavior updated with the “Update Available” popup
-New tutorials can now be enabled by default
-Daily Quests: Updated Conditions
-Fixed bug that caused a white screen to appear on launch
-Fixed bug that would cause conversions in buildings to be cancelled
-Fixed bug in iOS notifications that wouldn’t work
-Fixed bug in which the game crashed when using a hired crane to build
-Numerous other minor bugs were fixed
-Other technical improvements

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