Cluedo APK 2.8.20 + Mod: Unlocked

An adventure puzzle game. In the middle of the night alone, strange things happen, you start to realize that everything is unusual!

Find and discover all kinds of clues in the game, which will help you unveil the mystery of the veil! Sound, monologue and visual indicators will guide you forward! Go on! Discover the truth!


Marmalade Game Studio

April 11, 2022
Size 50M
Requires Android
5.0 and up

THE ORIGINAL HASBRO BOARD GOAL – This is the classic murder mystery! It was who? Which weapon were you using? Which room is it? The mansion hosts a high-risk party, with every guest being a suspect. Let Clue start!

* PREMIUM DIGITAL BOARD GAMES – There are no ads or pop-ups and no pay-to-win limits. The app is unlimited multiplayer fun for you, and your family and nothing stops you from solving the crime.

* A BRAIN TEASER – Test your detective skills. Clue will take one suspect and one weapon from the deck, then deal the rest to each player at the beginning of each game. You can ask Clue: “Was it Colonel Mustard with the Rope In the Drawing Room?” A player who holds the Colonel, the Rope, or the Drawing Room card must show you their card. You can search every room for answers.

* CLUE SHEET AND HINT SYSTEM: Who was responsible for the murder? You don’t want to let the criminal escape! Your virtual Cluesheet companion will help you make notes of suspects, weapons, and rooms that can be eliminated. Cluesheet is the ideal companion for detectives: Cluesheet assists you in making deductions, perfecting your state,gy, and solving the mystery.

* SINGLE PLAYER: Put your brain to work against an AI murder suspect guest list, online or offline. Pick your character and choose your opponents to ensure no criminal escapes the mansion.

* ONLINE MULTIPLAYER: Play Clue online with your friends to find out who is guilty. Don’t let distance stop your board game night. You can play on the move, or you can curl up in an armchair to enjoy a night of detective work and crime, no matter where you are.

* LOCAL MULTIPLAYER – Create a private multiplayer or CLUE game with friends to play with them.

* 10 ADDITIONAL THEMES- Discover ten themed boards with the Clue season pass. Our studio artists handcrafted our original themes listed under the Editor’s Choice for Most Stylish Game.
o Tudor Mansion – The guests at this party have turned into a deadly combination!
o Vampire Castle – In a household in which every suspect is a monster who was the perpetrator of the crime?
o Egyptian Adventure: Find the solution to your crime from the tombs of the pharaohs down to the crumbling pyramids.
Hollywood: Can you see the truth in Hollywood?
Murder Express: Challenge your friends and solve a mystery inspired by a classic Agatha Christie book!
o Sherlock: Be a great detective and solve crime in the shadowy streets of London!
o Snowy Peaks – Old friends are reunited. Tensions are high but who is holding that grudge?
Tropical Mystery: This boat has been rocked in a big way by someone! It’s a luxurious race to find the answer!
o Venetian Maskerade: While historic Venice is stunning, crime lurks below the surface!
Wild West: The story of Dr. Black’s death will be told from the jailhouse to the saloon. Only you can uncover the truth!

Marmalade Game Studio
Marmalade Game Studio makes high-quality, premium multiplayer board games. You can play classic board games like Monopoly or The Game of Life 2 anywhere you are on your mobile device! Whether you are together or apart, you can enjoy the game with your family and friends. Enjoy playing with friends or other players from around the globe. You can have fun with your family and friends by playing our games. Look for the Marmalade Game Studio logo to enjoy a relaxing time.

What’s new

Easter Sale

HALF PRICE – Tropical Mystery theme
Enjoy a 50% Discount on your entire Season Pass

This Easter, use your detective skills to board a luxurious yacht. You can also get the Season Pass to capture criminals at dig-sites in Ancient Egypt, the Wild West, Hollywood classics, and other locations.





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