Day R Premium MOD APK 1.712 (Free Shopping)

Benefits of Premium version: – Unique pet Raven – Starter Kit – Caches of useful items in shelters – Expanded selection of perks

Updated 2022/02/22
Size 147 MB
Version 1.712
Requires Android 4.0.3 and up

Benefits of the Premium Version:

– Unique pet Raven

– Starter Kit

-Caches of valuable objects in shelters

– Extensive selection of perks

-Chat without limitations

– Less time waiting between parcels

– All types and colours of map markers are accessible Is it possible to survive in a nuclear-wounded world? Radiation, hunger, and disease are all around you. Your family must be saved by you crossing the country. You don’t know if they are still alive, or if the radiation and deadly virus has already affected them. You will discover the secrets of the apocalypse as you travel across the vast USSR territory in the 1980s. It’s not easy to survive after the apocalypse. The real hunger games will be up to you! You will have to face the real hunger games: zombies, monsters, thirst, many diseases and injuries, blood-thirsty foes – you must fight them all–craft all of your resources: weapons and clothing, transport, and transport.

– Hardcore survival

You won’t be able to relax if you are faced with hunger, radiation, or zombies.

Realistic world

They represent the changing seasons and a large map of the USSR with more than 2,700 towns and cities. Hunting animals is great, but you should be cautious: rats can inflict serious injuries! Explore the wilderness

Endless possibilities! Multicraft, acquiring skills. There are hundreds of crafting recipes. Lots of ammunition.

– Stories and people:

You’ll find exciting quests and supportive allies. An open game world.

– Improve your skills:

You can learn mechanics, blacksmithing, chemistry, and many other subjects.

– Cooperative mode Chat, item exchange, and joint fights are all possible online. Multiplayer survival game. You can survive in a post-nuclear USSR. Overcome hunger, disease and other enemies. You can also play online! Play online with other players and survive. Find shelters and abandoned buildings. You can find weapons and make transport with various materials. Recall everything you’ve ever learned about chemistry or physics! It’s a very real survival game.


-?raft system: Get resources, hunt, find valuable items or weapons, and make your own!

– Survival simulator for hardcore people Multiplayer mode: Explore the wilderness map by yourself Choose your difficulty: Sandbox, real-life, or online War is never the same. 1985 saw the collapse of the USSR before an unknown enemy. The entire country was made radioactive and became a place of violence, hunger, and disease within days. You can no longer lose the battle with death. Other survivors are waiting for you in the coop

– Online mode allows you to survive together, deal in hardship, chat in chat and send and send and receive gifts to each other.

What’s new

Some bugs fixed


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