Dead by Daylight: Death is not an escape APK 5.4.1002

Dead by Daylight Apk is a survival horror multiplayer game in which a player controls a powerful killer and hunts four fugitives. The killer can be a powerful player and has special skills that allows him to track down the fugitives. The player is never sure what the next step will bring, so to escape the constant fear, the player must make a decision under extreme pressure.

March 22, 2022
Requires Android
7.0 and up

Dead by Daylight(tm), an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that pits 4 vs 1. In it, a maniacal Killer hunts down four of his friends in a frightening nightmare. In a game of hide and seek, players take on the roles both of Killer and survivor. Dead by Daylight is now available for PC and console, and mobile.

Key Features:

The survivalists aim to fix generators and not be caught, and then escape the endless chase. Either you can work together and win as part of a team or fight alone to outlast other survivors. Are you able to defeat the Killers and escape their death traps?

KILLERS – A Feast for Killers
You can be any type of Killer: slasher or paranormal entity, even terrifying. Learn how to use each Killer’s unique ability to hunt, capture and sacrifice prey. Take a bath in their blood and feed on their fear.

Real People, Real Fear
Every game presents a new challenge because of the different Realms and matches. It is impossible to imagine how real people will react to horror. It is a frightening experience that combines music, ambience, and chilling environments.

Dead by Daylight Mobile features iconic killers from horror franchises. Our growing collection of licensed characters includes Michael Myers(r), SAW’s Amanda Young, Ghost Face, and Stranger ThingsTM’ Demogorgon. We have the right character for you. If players want to play as one our Survivors they can still enjoy classic cult characters like Halloween(r), Laurie Strade, SAW(r),’s Amanda Young, Ghost Face(r), and Left for Dead’s Bill Overbeck. They also get Stranger ThingsTM’ Steve, Nancy, and Stranger ThingsTM’ Steve. If you are looking for something new, Dead by Daylight will bring all the original characters to life.

Every Killer and Survivor has their perks, and there are many unlockables that can be tailored to your strategy. To hunt Survivors and escape the Killer, you need to have skills, experience, and an understanding of the environment.




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