Players in the plot at the same time, and these roles slowly establish contact. Players arrive almost every scene, each section of the new BGM, can be said to serve these roles. People are the core of the novel, the plot is the skeleton of the novel, the environment is the background of the novel. ff9 is such a seamless, each exudes the art of the novel.



Updated 2022-03-07
Requires Android
4.4 and up
The latest Android version has been supported.
Please update the application if the game does not run properly on your device. This update will cause the application to stop working on the devices below due to changes in our development environment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who use these terminals.
#Android OS Version 4.1 or earlier*Please note, the app might not work on certain higher-version devices.
If you don’t have any issues with the game on an Android 4.1 device, or an older version, you can still play the application even if the update is not completed.The download can take quite a while due to its size. The app takes up 3.2GB of space. You must have at least 4GB available space on your device when you first download the game. Version updates to the app will take up more than 4GB. Before downloading, please ensure you have enough space.

Over five million copies sold since 2000’s release, FINAL FANTASY X proudly returns to Android!
You can now relive the adventures and stories of Zidane’s crew from the comfort of your own home!

This classic FINAL FANTASY experience is available without additional charges or purchases.

Zidane, along with the Tantalus Theater Troupe, have abducted Princess Garnet (heir to Alexandria).
To their delight, however, the princess longed to escape the castle.
She and Steiner, her guard, fell in love with Zidane through unusual circumstances and embarked on an amazing journey.
They meet unforgettable characters such as Quina and Vivi along the way. Along the journey, they learn more about themselves, the secrets and the power of the Crystal and a dark force that threatens their world.

#Gameplay Features
You can learn new skills by equipping objects.
These abilities can even be used without the need for items. This allows for almost endless customization possibilities when fully mastered.

As you take hits in battle, fill your Trance tank.
When fully charged, your characters will go into Trance mode which grants them powerful new skills.

Don’t let your items go to waste. Combining two pieces of equipment or one item can make a better, stronger item.

There are many minigames that you can enjoy, whether it’s Chocobo Hot and Cold or Jump Rope.
You may even be eligible for special item rewards

#Additional Features
7 game boosters with high speed and no encounter modes.
High-definition movies, character models and films.

#Operating System

Android 4.1 and later

What’s new

[Regarding models that are no longer compatible]
This update will cause changes in the development environment. All non-recommended terminals will no longer be supported. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this update.# “Android OS4.1” and previous OS models
*Please note, some models may not function even though the version listed is higher than others.




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