Here’s Destiny 2’s New Lightfall Raid boss Identity

Here's Destiny 2's New Lightfall Raid boss Identity

Here’s Destiny 2’s New Lightfall Raid boss Identity

Destiny 2 Lightfall is just one day away. As often happens, there are leaks alongside official information. Bungie has revealed that the new Destiny2Raid will launch on March 10, and thanks to leaks, we now know the identity of the Raid’s boss. Warning!

Some of the Pastebin leaks from Lightfall were probably accurate in some cases. Recent data mining has confirmed that Nezarec is the Root of Nightmares’ final boss. He is an ancient Disciple of the Witness.

You might be thinking, “But wait, didn’t we make Nezarec into the tea that brought back Osiris in Season of Plunder?” Yes, indeed. Destiny 2lore says that Nezarec actually has multiple tombs. With all the para casual hijinks in Bungie’s looter/shooter, are anyone really ever dead? Perhaps he was brought back by the Traveler’s Death Star-esque Terraforming blast. Perhaps we can bring him back during Raid to get him out of here.

Pastebin leaks last year indicated that Xivu Arath wanted to kill the Traveler upon reaching it. But the Witness insists she does not. The Witness revives Nezarec and sends him on his way to kill Xivu. It seems thatlightfall’s endgame involves the Witness’s three Disciples killing each other. Nezarec kills Xivu Arath and then rams her pyramid vessel into the Traveler at the Witness’s command.

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