Hero Wars MOD APK 1.130.005 (Unlimited Money)

Unlock skills and battle enemies with Hero Wars, the ultimate roleplaying online fantasy game. Fight enemies, Archdemon and his evil army, in epic PvP arena …

Updated 2022/02/16
Size 99 MB
Version 1.130.005
Requires Android 4.2

Hero Wars is the ultimate online roleplaying fantasy game. You can unlock skills and fight enemies. In epic PvP arena battles against archdemon and his evil army, you will be fighting your enemies and collecting the best heroes from Dominion. You are invited to join the epic AFK battle adventure! You can power up your heroes, unlock new skills, train your army, and create a guild. In the ultimate online RPG fantasy adventure, fight epic multiplayer battles. You can become a powerful player and leave a legacy as Dominion’s peaceful guardian!

Hero Fantasy RPG Battle Adventure:

Top Five Reasons to Download Hero Wars

1. You can battle enemies with dozens upon dozens of heroes. Unlock skills to power up your hero

2. Enjoy epic multiplayer PvP battles in the ultimate online fantasy game

3. Arena and Grand Arena: Unlock skills, fight enemies, and join another player’s army!

4. Dominating the RPG Heroes fantasy game! Multiplayer army guilds allow you to share and train your skills.

5. For power, rewards, or rare items, fight your enemies in the PvP arena. In this fantasy online RPG, heroes, titans, and other characters fight it out for Dominion control. A campaign is launched and a legacy is created. This epic fantasy and battle adventure game takes place across Dominion. You can collect heroes and gain new skills and power. Level up to make your characters invincible. Win the war and leave an eternal legacy.

In the epic puzzle games, defeat the Goblin!

In epic RPG wars, battle Archdemon and his evil characters to gain power. Jump into the Hero Wars fantasy adventure and enjoy action-packed multiplayer campaigns. You can collect heroes, unlock skills and fight your enemies in power showdowns. Also, you will gain experience in Hero Wars fantasy PvP arena matches. You have the power to take it. You can be the ultimate Hero Wars player, and leave a lasting mark in the most popular online RPG heroes fantasy gaming game.

What’s new

Legends Draft in The Dominion! In Strangford, a new tabletop game is taking off! Get involved, form a team with random max-level heroes and challenge other players around the globe. This game’s creator, who asked not to be identified, warns of its addictive nature. You can rise to fame in the Dominion!


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