Hot Springs Story 2 APK 1.2.8

It is a role-playing game, where the player plays as the owner of a hot spring shop. Players need to reasonably arrange the reasonable locations of various facilities such as hot springs, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. to facilitate the use of guests. You can also plant various plants in your hot spring pavilion to decorate your hot spring pavilion, so that it will give guests a warm and comfortable feeling.



March 14, 2022
Size 46M
Requires Android
4.4 and up

What is beyond the bath curtain? Hot new entry to the hotel sims genre
The sequel features new baths. You can furnish your resort with Footbaths and Cauldron Baths. Your own hot springs resort is possible.

You can entertain your guests with tons of Ping Pong Tables and Stores facilities. You must also offer top-quality local cuisine. You can delight foodie guests with anything from simple Ramen Stalls to fancy Sushi Restaurants.

Add some color to your garden with ornamental plants, and you’ll see the seasons change.

The benefits of baths include reducing fatigue and promoting smoother skin. You can attract guests to your bath by placing a Beautician or Chocolatier nearby.

You can help the area grow by investing in tourist attractions. Promote the Soothing Forest. Imagine a bustling amusement park. Perhaps even an all-year-round Ski Slope.

You’ll soon be booking tours for visitors from couples, families, supermodels, and even ninjas. Your resort will be more popular the more guests you receive.

If you hit the right targets, travel guides will begin to feature you in their rankings. Be the best 5-Star resort in hot springs!

Touch controls allow you to zoom in and adjust the screen’s size.

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