Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom 1.50.1 (Combat speed)

Become the lord and master of a real medieval castle! Players, get ready – medieval fantasy RPG begins right now! Accept new dwellers, assign them to their …

Updated 2022/02/12
Size 142 MB
Version 1.50.1
Requires Android 4.1

You can become the lord of and master of a medieval castle! Players, get ready – medieval fantasy RPG begins right now! Accept new inhabitants, give them their tasks and improve your RPG kingdom!
You can embark on an exciting RPG adventure. Here are some of these opportunities:

– Plunge into a story-driven RPG campaign! In hundreds of missions, you can fight giants, orcs, skeletons, and even dragons! Use magic, cold steel, and cunning roleplaying strategies to defeat them!
Build your castle! You can build new rooms or upgrade existing ones. All you need to build your dream castle is here! Start the base-building of your castle now!

Train your villagers! Every one of your villagers can learn new skills, and each one can wear any type of equipment. Enjoy the Medieval Fantasy RPG and train great warriors or scribes… then you can swap them!

– Co-op – Play with a friend, or random player, and search for treasure in mysterious dungeons

Multiplayer on the mobile game. Get medieval! You don’t have to be a slave for someone you don’t like…

To become influential and wealthy, upgrade your characters. You can create a dating area and see your inhabitants have children that will soon grow up to serve your kingdom. You are now ready to play the medieval RPG mobile game!

The RPG and medieval base-building mobile games have been downloaded over 54 million times worldwide.

What’s new

Valhalla Mole-opoly is a new Hustle Castle event. There are tons of amazing rewards waiting for you.
– Increased Arena balance
– The Dungeon Store has a 3-fold decrease in the price of relics
– A new setting, Valhalla
Expeditions: A new reward for winning
We also added Tours, a NEW activity. You can send your squads treasure hunting!

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