Idle Army Base MOD APK 1.27.0 (Free Shopping)

Become an army general and profit from your troops by managing your army base game like a tycoon. It’s a rollercoaster ride – no need to tap and tap or …

Updated 2021/12/10
Size 95 MB
Version 1.27.0
Requires Android 5.0

You can become an army general, and make a fortune managing your army base game as a tycoon. It’s an exciting ride. There is no need to click or tap, but you can invest in your troops and train them.
Do not be idle You can use the gold and cash profits you earn to boost your troops or unlock new areas in this idle game. You can then go to war, conquer the world as a tycoon-capitalist, and get rich with all the idle cash and profits you can make.


Automate troops training to increase idle game income and invest in them. Do not be ideal but do not become idle.
Earn idle cash and profit even while offline!
To increase the work and motivation of your troops, you can hire army managers to manage your army base.
You can just enjoy the game, there’s no need to click or tap or tap.
You can become a millionaire in the army or even a billionaire from an idle base.
You can build your army like a tycoon to make a fortune and get rich with lots of gold and cash!
You can make a profit by upgrading your game zones or hiring more troops to train for wealth!
To make money and profit as a simulator, you can use the best idle tycoon strategy.
Expand and grow your online and offline army with Prestige
What strategy can you use to become a capitalist, tycoon, millionaire, billionaire, and strike gold? !
This isn’t a clicker-tapper game. You need to invest like an entrepreneur in your army base in order to make more money, gold, and profit to purchase troops and armies around the world. Have fun!
Online or offline payments can help you increase your earnings, cash, and gold, as well as your profit.
You can build your idle millionaire empire through investing in the right zones and idle troops. This idle manager game is a bit like an online clicker sim, but without the need to click or tap.
This simulation game for army tycoons will help you to gain cash resources, gold, and revenue.
This is war! This isn’t a traditional supermarket, mine or police station. It isn’t a TV station, a television station, telegraph station, or rollercoaster. You can become a millionaire as a manager of this idle army base. It is full of cash, gold, wealth and other assets.
This idle tycoon game is available without an internet connection
Automate your inactive troops by investing into managers to make profits like a tycoon
Rich money investments can help you become a millionaire, boost your economy and win cash.
There is no need to fight here, as you can send your inactive troops to war to make big money and get gold. This is not a game for idle money.

These are the areas to unlock:

EXERCISE YOUARD – No time to sit here! Do sit-ups as a millionaire tycoon!

URBAN WARFARE: Can you SWAT your way? It’s like being in the police.

JUNGLE WARFARE is a jungle adventure with a capitalist copter at the ready

ARCTIC WARFARE- Game on… Profit from your snow stealth

HEAVY MACHINE GUNS – Hear the tapping, tap, tapping of heavy machine guns

HEADY ARTILLERY: Click, click and click, boom, boom! Get the big guns!

CHEMICAL WARFARE: There are no mines, but you can wear your mask.

TANKS – A tank shell could turn a mine shaft into a mine shaft, with a tap, tap tap, tap – lots of prestige!

DESERT WARFARE – Race, Racing, and Racing Your Way Around the Desert Course

NAVAL WARFARE- You might not be able to afford a boat but it could make you a millionaire at an army base

EXPLOSIVE TRAINING: Manage your grenades using cash in this idle game. This one is not for you!

PARATROOPER: Your evolution as a cadet is required when you freefall from your plane and land within the target zone. You don’t have to be a Tycoon!

OBSTACLE COURSE is an adventure for idle capitalists. Life in this simulation game of an army base tycoon is thrilling.

— Your Idle Armament Base team

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