Lords Mobile MOD APK 2.77 (Auto Battle/Vip 15)

Kung Fu Panda and friends have arrived! Log in to get the limited-edition Dragon Warrior Castle Skin! Spend time with Po and his friends in this Kung Fu …

Updated 2022/02/23
Size 316 MB
Version 2.77
Requires Android 4.0.3

Kung Fu Panda, friends, and more have arrived! Log in to receive the Dragon Warrior Castle Skin Limited Edition!
Enjoy time with Po and his friends during this Kung Fu festival

Are you up for a real fight?

The true Emperor is dead. We need a true hero, a faithful Lord that can unify the Kingdoms. You can recruit heroes from all backgrounds, including mermaids, dwarves, dark elves, and steampunk robots. Then, you can assemble your army in this magical land! To establish your empire, fight and conquer!

[Game Features]:

> > Get the Vergeway! <<
Like tower defence? You’ll love Vergeway! You can collect and upgrade cards, combine and match them to deal in different stages and put your brain to work to defeat the evil creatures lurking within the Verge.

> > Create Your Kingdom
You can upgrade buildings, conduct research and train your troops.

> > Use Troop Formations
There are 6 different troop types to choose from and 4 other troop formations! You can plan your lines, use the counter system and match your troops with the right Heroes. Your strategy will help you defeat your enemies

> > Powerful Heroes Await <<
For an RPG-style campaign, create a team of 5 Heroes! They will be your kingdom’s war generals.

> > Forge Alliances
To fight alongside your friends, join a guild! You can ride together into war to conquer many exhilarating events, such as Guild Wars, Kingdom Versus Kingdom Battles, Battle Royals Battle Royals Wonder Wars, Darkness Invasions and more!

> > Clash Online With Global Players
Join millions of other players around the globe to fight for your victory and defeat all those in your path! Take control of the throne to rule all!

> > Animated battles
Watch your armies battle in stunning 3D graphics and feel the excitement of war! Your Heroes unleash their talents and harness their mystical power.

You will need an internet connection in order to play this game.

[App Permission]
Lollipop (OS 5.1.1 or lower) devices can enable the following to save data to external storage.

What’s new

# 6th Anniversary Blessings
To enter the Hero Stages, you will need less stamina
Kingdom Tycoon: More Speed Up items and more Gemming Gremlin appearances
Transmuting Dark Essences takes less time
– The Labyrinth requires less Holy Stars
# Royal Battleground: Adjusted Prison Rules
Leaders captured in Wonder/Fort battles will be subject to special prison rules.
# Fix an issue in which the Sanctuary received more troops killed than it intended

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