Papas Freezeria To Go! APK v1.2.2

Papa’s Freezeria To Go! — another great project from Flipline Studios with elements of strategy and time management. Players will go to a hot sunny beach, where they will work in an ice cream shop.


Flipline Studios

April 28, 2021
Varies with device
Version 1.2.2
Requires Android
Varies with device

This brand-new version Papa’s Freezeria lets you make and serve sundaes anywhere with the new gameplay and controls.
Your summer job is at an oceanfront ice-cream shop. But things get chaotic when Papa Louie arrives on the island. For a summer treat, you’ll be making delicious Freezer sundaes. This involves pouring ice cream and adding syrups.

Multitasking is required in order to access each section of the restaurant. New controls are designed to be used right in your palm. You can watch customers in the lobby at the Order Station by going to the Order Station. To combine ice cream with mixables, switch to the Build Station. Mix sundaes until you get the perfect consistency by jumping to the Mix Station. You can pour toppings and whip cream at the Top Station before you serve your customers. Each Station offers a hands-on experience where you can drag, swipe and tap your way through building a sundae.

To earn points and move up, keep your customers happy. Your level will increase and you’ll be able to unlock new toppings. This will lead to new customers visiting the Freezeria. You can also earn tips for a well-made sundae, which you can use to upgrade the lobby and decorate it!


Papa’s Freezeria To Go has been redesigned for smaller screens so that your fingers don’t get in between the action!

CONTROL WITH YOUR THUMBS – Switch stations by pressing buttons at the corners of your screen. These buttons are perfect for your thumbs. To quickly switch Order Tickets, you can use the buttons at the top corners. You can also view all Order Tickets in a zoomed in mode to make it easier to read.

BUILD STATION: We have completely redesigned our Build Station to fit smaller screens so that you can pour ice cream or mixables quickly and efficiently. The Bonus Meter and Pour Button are now positioned to the side. They’re sized for your thumb so that you can see the meter and tap the correct time. The entire screen is filled by large buttons that allow you to quickly tap the right item when it comes time to select a mixable or syrup.

MIX STATION – We have optimized the Mix Station upgrades for small touch screens. These large alarms can be dragged and pinned to any blender after you have purchased the Blend Alarm upgrades. The Booster Buttons can be pressed easily and are large in size. You can also use multi-touch to boost multiple blenders simultaneously.

TOP STATION – The Topping Bin carousel has been brought back from Papa’s Burgeria To Go! This allows you to top your sundaes in an entirely new way. To add toppings, swipe the Topping Bins carousel to select the item. Grab the sundae cups to begin pouring them evenly over the sundae. To switch to placing items such as cherries or cookies, tap the button. You can use full multi-touch support to slide the bins while tapping the cup below. This will make it easy to whip up a batch of sundaes in no time.

NEW INGREDIENTS: We have added many new ingredients to the HD and classic versions of the game. These include mixables, syrup flavours, whipped cream flavours and other toppings. You’ll discover them as you play the game. You can find over 70 new ingredients!


– A Papa Louie-style ice cream shop.
– New controls and gameplay for smaller screens
Multitasking: Building, mixing, topping
Use your in-game tips to shop for upgrades
Unique orders available to 85 customers
– Food Critics and Closers –
120 in-game achievements you can earn


Papa’s Freezeria To Go was designed for smaller screens. For larger-screen gaming, “Papa’s Freezeria HD”, available for tablets.

What’s new

Improved support for 64-bit devices


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