Papa’s Scooperia To Go! APK 1.1.1

Choose raw materials to make your own dream ice cream. Make ice cream and become the most popular ice cream shop! Your job is to prepare the most complex ice cream cone in the shortest time. Accept the order and make the ice cream balls the customer needs as soon as possible. With more and more customers, the complexity of orders is getting higher and higher. It seems simple, but it is not easy to do well. what are you waiting for?


Flipline Studios

April 28, 2021
Varies with device
Version 1.1.1
Requires Android 2.3 and up

Papa Louie has just offered you a job in his new ice cream shop in Oniontown. Cook warm and delicious cookies, add ice cream scoops, and then finish the sundaes by topping them with syrups or toppings.


NEW FEATURES: All your favorite features from Papa’s restaurants now are available in this “To Go”, redesigned for smaller screens!

Scooping Sundaes – Use gestures for scooping cookies and ice cream to make sundaes. To make the perfect cookie dough ball, slide your finger across a container of cookie dough. Then tap to dip your dough in delicious cookie mixables. To top your cookie sundaes, move your finger around in a circle.

ORDER EVOLUTION: When your customers love your sundaes, and they level up, they will start ordering larger sundaes with two scoops and cookies! Continue impressing customers until they order three-scoop sundaes. Some customers, such as picky Closers will order larger sundaes.

CELEBRATE HOLIDAYS: As you rise in the ranks, seasons and holidays change in Oniontown. Your customers will be ordering sundaes made with seasonal ingredients. Your customers will be delighted to try new flavors, mixables, syrups, toppings and syrups as you unlock new mixables.

SERVE SPECIAL RECIPES – Get special recipes from customers and make them the Daily Special at the Scooperia. You can earn a bonus for each Special if you make a great example of the recipe. To win a special prize, master each special!

CUSTOMIZE WORKERS – You can play as Carlo Romano, Koilee or your own character to manage the shop. Your holiday spirit can be displayed by creating a wide range of holiday outfits for your employees. You can create your own style by creating millions of combinations and choosing unique colours for each piece of clothing.

SPECIAL Delivery – Customers can place orders by calling you to start taking orders over the phone. You’ll then hire a driver to deliver their orders to their homes.

COLLECT STICKERS: Complete different tasks and achieve various achievements to earn colorful Stickers for you collection. Each customer is given a set with three Stickers. If you earn all three, you will be awarded a new outfit!

DECORATE THE SHOP – Decorate the Scooperia lobby to reflect each holiday with themed furniture and decorations! You can mix and match your favorite styles or add items that correspond to the current holiday so customers don’t mind waiting longer for food.

CLIPPING COUPONS – Missing your favourite customer? Vincent, your friendly mailman will help you send a coupon to them. Customers love a good deal, and will quickly return to purchase another sundae. Coupons are great to complete Stickers quests or strategically level up customers.

DAILY MINI-GAMES – After each workday, play Foodini’s famous Mini-Games to earn new furniture in your lobby and new clothes for your employees.


Shop in the Papa Louie universe for sundaes
New controls and gameplay features for smaller screens
Multitasking is possible when you make cookies, bake, scoop ice cream and add toppings.
12 holidays with additional ingredients to unlock
You can earn 90 stickers to help you complete tasks
You can find tons of furniture and clothing for decorating your shop or workers.
Unique orders for 116 customers
Stickers can be used to help customers get new outfits
More than 120 ingredients available


Papa’s Scooperia To Go was created especially for smaller screens. For tablets, look for Papa’s Scooperia HD!

What’s new

– Improved support for 64-bit devices
– Issues with scooping the dough graphics fixed
– Issues with cookie mixables not sticking in the oven were fixed
– Issues with missing/scrambled graphic on certain devices fixed



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