Pool Break Pro 3D Billiards 2.7.2 Apk Full Android App 2022

Pool Break is a suite of games featuring several variations of Pool, Snooker, Billiards, Crokinole and Carrom games. The full screen 3D graphics are …


Kinetic Bytes

March 23, 2017
Varies with device
Version 2.7.2
Requires Android
Varies with device

Pool Break features a variety of Pool, Snooker and Billiards games. Amazing 3D graphics and precise physics make this game stand out. The action is fast and smooth, regardless of whether you are playing against the computer, other Android, iPhone, or iPad users, online.

Are you ready for a real pool experience? With a lot of games and fast-paced action, Pool Break will keep even the most experienced pool player entertained well into the early hours. The 3D graphics and linear shot guide make it easy to align your shot, adjust the shooting angle and determine where your shot will land.

The Pool Break Features include:
Two dozen games all in one app
Multiple Languages Supported
English, French, German, Italian
Russian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese)
Spanish, Polish, and Dutch
Korean (South), Simplified Chinese
Multiplayer Online Gaming – Cross-Platform
Chat online
Four difficulty levels allow you to play against the computer
Mode Pass-n-Play
Realistic Pool, Snooker and Billiard Physics
Pan, Zoom and Slow Motion modes
Complementary View and First Person View
Hexagonal, Circular and Regular Pool tables
Allows Curve shots and Masse shots, and full English
Interface for intuitive users
There are many different ball designs and scenes.
Choose from 15 different cue sticks textures
The built-in help manuals will explain how to play
See statistics and other achievements
You can start your favorite games in one click
Enjoy hours of entertainment

Pool Break allows you to play snooker or billiards on a real table. Pool Break can be used as a recreational game or to improve your skills in league play. This app has place and play and pool drill mode. It is perfect for practicing tricky shots and tweaking your game.

What do you get from this app? There are over a dozen games available, including two board games and enough cue games for you to keep busy.

You can also play pool break games
US 8-Ball Pool
Pool for 8 Balls in the UK
9-Ball Pool
10-Ball Pool
3-Ball Pool
6-Ball Pool
7-Ball Pool
4-Ball Billiards
One Pocket Pool
Straight or 14.1 Continuous Pool
Rotation Pool (61)
Three-cushion Billiards
One-cushion Billiards
Carom Billiards (no requirement for pushions)
Pool Drill
Place-n-Shoot Pool and Snooker.
Regular Snooker
Snooker 6-Reds
Snooker 10-Reds
Carrom (three board styles).
Crokinole is a board game

Are you feeling competitive? You can compete head-to-head with the pass-n play feature or you can go online to engage in cross-platform action. You can go from being a beginner to a professional with the 4 difficulty levels available. Don’t get Snookered! Get Pool Break and have some serious fun! You get to take your break!

NOTICE to older devices (e.g. the Galaxy Y)
After starting a new game, you will see a black screen. Please press the menu button to go to General Settings. You can disable “True color rendering” and set the render quality to “Low” (or “Basic”) You can then exit the game and restart it.

We are grateful for all your constructive criticism, feedback, suggestions, comments and feedback that helped shape this game. We are grateful to all those who left reviews on different websites.

What’s new

* Choose from 15 different cue textures
* Matching opponents with the same aiming lines is possible
* Chat window fixed
* Stability improvements
* Fixed ball passing through rails in Circular Pool games2.7.0:
* Snooker and Pool tables now have circular tables
* A new game: Karambol – Carrom Billiards without cushion requirements
* Pocketless billiards game with Place-n-Shoot mode
* Chat dialog updated
* Snooker rules for spotting fixed color balls



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