Ramp Car Jumping MOD APK 2.2.5 (Unlimited Money)

A one-touch race, fly, crash game that sends you hurtling through the air in your car before you smash into everything in your path! Jump, spin …

BoomBit Games

Updated 2021/04/30
Size  39.64 MB
Version 2.2.5
Requires Android 5.0

One-touch race, fly and crash game that will send you hurtling through the air in a car before you smash into everything! Jump, spin and drift!  

You can fly faster if you accelerate down. This will allow you to get more stuff off your hands.  

Ramp car jumping is one of the most difficult challenges you will face this year.  

A ski jump can be jumped in a car.  

Crazy speed  

Insane smashes  

Maximum heat  

You’ll have crash burnout after so many successes!    

Invite your friends to an old-fashioned smash off!    

Too much heat? Need more speed, crashes, more smashes, more insane stunts?    

Stuntman, is that not enough of a challenge?    

Upgrade and:  

Maximize your engines    

Give it a boost!  

For the ultimate jump performance, add power!    

Are you a true car stuntman?    

A stuntman does stunts. This is who we are. We look for unusual actions. We like cars so we crash them.      

We don’t feel heat, we bring it.      

Burnout happens when we drive for too long without a collision.    

Burnout is when we don’t crash enough.    

  Are we strange? Maybe.      

Do we like unusual challenges? Perhaps.    

Are we destroying our cars faster than Ford can make them? We smash our cars before they can burn out.      

Stuntman is a real stuntman. Crazy speed, amazing cars, crazy jumps, and insane crashes. Our homes are heated by burning cars.      

Is there a more significant crash than you can think of? Get it now, and you’ll see it happen!        

What’s new

Minor fixes and improvements
We will be updating this page with more information soon.
Thank you for playing!

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