Riptide GP: Renegade APK v1.2.3

Riptide GP: Renegade is an addictive android game where you will participate in dangerous hydro cycle racing. In this game, you will play for a hydro cyclist, who was unfairly expelled from the Grand Prix of the Riptide League, and to regain your name and place in the championship, you need to take part in extreme races.


Vector Unit

May 29, 2020
Size 93M
Requires Android
4.1 and up

See the future of illicit hydro jet racing. Armored riders perform death-defying stunts above massive waterfalls, avoid cops through public waterways, and scream at surging waves at breakneck speed.
You are a hydrojet rider. You can unlock customization features, new vehicles and playable characters as you defeat bosses and build your team.

Next, test your skills online against 8 other players in online matches. In the Ghost-racing Challenge mode, challenge your friends to be number one on the leaderboards. Split-screen races can be played locally with up to four players.

RiptideGP: Renegade, the action-arcade water racing game for a new generation, features thrill-ride tracks filled with secrets, shortcuts, and interactive obstacles.


* Thrill-Ride Environments: Blast across floating platform platforms, face hurricane-force waves, and enter a military base during battle. Each race track has interactive set pieces, dynamic obstacles, and secret shortcuts.

* Deep Career Mode: Compete in boss fights and races to rise to the top of the underground hydrojet racing circuit. You can earn cash and experience to customize and upgrade your hydrojet, unlock new stunts and improve your rider’s performance.

* Online Multiplayer – Play against the best online players in exciting 8-player matches.

Split Screen Multiplayer – Challenge your friends to local split-screen multiplayer tournaments. You can play with up to four players on one machine. Additional gamepad controllers are required.

* Challenge Mode – Take control of the leaderboards, and challenge your abilities against ghost recordings of your best friends’ performances.

* Transforming Vehicles: Collect and upgrade a collection of fast hydro jets that transform as you ride them. Each one can be customized and upgraded with winning money.

* Riptide Grand Prix Water Racing: Renegade takes dynamic water racing to new heights with stunning water physics and splash-tastic spray effects. Each race is unique because the surface on which you race is always changing.

* Google Play Games enabled – Play with your friends and unlock new achievements. Keep your game running from one device to the next with cloud data sync.


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