Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK 7.5.0 (Mod Mana)

Lead your Kingdom to victory with RTS war strategy and by becoming the most powerful King or Queen in the RPG action world of ROYAL REVOLT 2.

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DEVELOPER Flaregames
Updated 2022/02/03
Size 94 MB
Version 7.5.0
Requires Android 4.1

Your Kingdom will win with the RTS war strategy. You can also become the most powerful queen or king in the RPG action realm of ROYAL REVOLT 2
Your offensive battle skills and RTS conquest strategy are the keys to your success. These should be adjusted to your RTS war strategy tactics, troops and troops frequently! You can create a tower defense that is strong enough to withstand the most severe clashes with ease. Your Kingdom’s fate depends on your selection of armies, tower defense RTS strategy, and obstacles.

As your army of Paladins, Archers and Werewolves, or even Dragons, tries to resist your army, you will need to raid their Kingdoms and demolish their castle defenses through RTS. You are ready to face the epic quest and formidable enemy tower defenses with your loyal Pet Pal and Royal Guardian!

You can create better items using the Blacksmith. You can melt down things that you don’t use and get Pearls. This RPG friendly blacksmith can later apply magical Runs for your defense and offense.

Tower Defense RPG

A strong tower castle defense can withstand any attack. You can choose the Troops, Obstacles and Towers defenses that you would like to build your path in RTS. You can level up your Kingdom and select the best spells and items for your King/Queen that match your play style.

Forge Alliances

You can play with your friends, or join players from all over the world to strengthen your castle defense and form a strong Alliance that can fight together for incredible boosts and treasures.

Regular Seasonal Events

You can fight in Conquests, Alliance Wars, or Ninja Events to find out who has the best strategy and get powerful Chests & Boosts.

Explore the depths of Castle Defense Town

The Blacksmith can forge your weapons. For a chat and loot, visit the Granny. Explore the mysterious Dungeon under your Castle to unlock powerful Troops

Plus, many other things

Are you ready for your Kingdom’s victory? Are you able to defend your castles? You are invited to enter the world of Royal Revolt 2.

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Terms of Service

Royal Revolt 2 can be downloaded and played for free. Some game items can be bought for real money. You can disable in-app purchases from your device settings if you do not wish to use these features. Royal Revolt 2 can only be downloaded and played by persons who are 16 years old or older, or with parental consent. You can read more here:
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What’s new

King and Queen, come on!
The first Vversionof 2022 has arrived and it brings you the following:
Rune Multi-Upgrading allows players the ability to instantly upgrade multiple Runes to higher levels within seconds
Conquest Production Tile Improvements now allows storage overlapping for greater convenience
– 2 brand-new Runes!
– Polishing & Bugfixes




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