SIMULACRA – Found phone horror mystery APK v1.0.53

SIMULACRA – a realistic simulator on android, where you will
Use the mobile phone interface to solve the secrets of extinction
girls. In this thriller, you find the phone that belonged to the girl by
named after Anna.

May 12, 2020
Size 18M
Requires Android
4.2 and up

“WINNER, Best Mobile Game” – Indie Prize USA 2018
“WINNER, Excellence In Storytelling” – International Mobile Game Awards SEA

“Simulacra is an expansion of Sara is Missing and experiments with disturbing horror. It succeeds.
Pocket Gamer 9/10

The phone belonging to Anna was found. You can see an urgent cry for help in form of a video message. As you dig deeper into the phone, it behaves strangely. Talk to her friends and they don’t know where she is. You can find fragments of information in her texts, emails, or photo gallery. You are responsible for putting it all together.

The Game

SIMULACRA, a “found phone” horror video game, is entirely played on a mobile device screen. This voyeuristic experience combines point-and-clicks, adventure games and found footage videos with fully realized phone applications.


-Simulated phone enables you to explore a real world.
-Use popular smartphone apps to solve the mystery.
– 5 endings possible in this expansive narrative that features hours of gameplay.
– Filmed using live actors and a large VO cast.
-To learn more about Anna’s story, solve the text decryption and recurring image puzzles.

What’s new

-NEW – High-quality videos
-NEW! Translations for Jian Ti Zhong Wen
-Fixed Browser Links that could break your save game




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