The Catapult 2 MOD APK 6.5.0 (Unlimited Money)

Become the legendary master of the castle siege and destroy the fun stickman throwers with their catapult slingsho constructions.

Updated 2022/01/31
Size 133 MB
Version 6.5.0
Requires Android 4.4
You can become the legendary master of the castle Siege and defeat the fun stickman throwers using their catapult-slingshot constructions. There are more than 540 offline levels to this free game.
Protect your castle against ragdoll archers, catapults and spearmen from different constructions based on the physics impact of the game.Stick attack and throw stones or arrows!
They will destroy and destroy your castle. Become a hero, and defend your tower with an army!
You can now crush the castle and kill spearman stickmen with new weapons ballista or new units of archery in your tower.

This game lets you upgrade your weapon with a crossbow, catapult and arrows. Also, destroy the pirate stickman archer.
You can upgrade and grow your castle by adding slots for archers or cannons to make it more damaging.
Your bow and stick spearman must defend the castle against the enemy stickmen. Also, smash enemy kappa and gulel!

You don’t have to worry about connecting to Wi-Fi or the Internet anymore; these games are great even without Wi-Fi.

A new tank mode has been added in the hills, which reveals a new adventure story for our hero stickman.
There will be many tanks that you must destroy.
Do not forget to upgrade your tank It is vital to destroy enemy tanks.

They will defeat your enemies without breaking and prepare their army. They have already prepared for you Bowman’s troops and more sprocket tank soldiers! We know tanks are dangerous and can be armed with stones and cannonballs, but you should not be afraid!

This game’s controls are both funny and intuitive.
Click on the screen to activate the catapult. Select the pull force.

You will immediately lose if you use a slingshot to throw boulders or a throwing device, as you’ll be unable to hit your opponents and cause damage.

Press the button to fire a missile at an enemy stickman, and it will be destroyed!
You can now join the fight in multiplayer and become great bone masters.
Play online now with other players to win PVP battles!

This throwing game is for you if you enjoy crash and destruction.
Enjoy a great game, Mr.

What’s new

You can receive exclusive rewards every day with the VIP subscription.
Performance improvements
Fixed bugs

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