Thrift Store Story APK v1.0.6

Thrift Store Story — project from Kairosoft branded graphics, exciting gameplay, and various opportunities for action and deeds. Gamers will become owners of a second-hand shops.



August 1, 2018
Size 28M
Requires Android
4.1 and up

You can become a manager at a second-hand store selling pre-loved goods (that’s just a fancy title for second-hand!) Turn it into a profitable business!
You have many options for towns to choose from, each one offering a different customer base and different products. For example, you can imagine what you will find in Trendy Town and Totaltoys District.

Your store’s product selection is entirely up to you. You can sell video games, model toys, suits, cars, and plasma TVs. Or diamonds. The best part about second-hand retail is that you can sell all kinds of goods, hand-picked from a wide range of pre-owned products.

Your store offers gift-wrapping services that can increase customer satisfaction.

You can have stalls selling donuts, ice cream, or gaming machines. These will attract more customers and, if your store is popular enough, whole groups of curious tourists or children can visit.

The field staff is responsible for collecting items for sale. Sometimes they’ll find what appears to be a real treasure. However, you will need to appraise it first to determine its actual value. This could lead to some incredible items that will be a big draw for your shop.

It is not easy to explore every town and find all the products.

Your device stores all game progress. You cannot transfer saved data between devices. It is also impossible to restore it after deleting the app or installing it again.

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