Russian Subscribers are suing Netflix

Russian Subscribers are suing Netflix

Russian Subscribers are suing Netflix.

Major brands joined the ranks of world leaders to place sanctions against Russia to respond to Ukraine’s ongoing invasion. Netflix quickly sent a message to Russia and temporarily stopped the service available within the country while pulling all Russian-based original productions.

This is not the first time Netflix has had problems with Russian delivery. They refused to air 20 Russian-language TV channels free of charge, despite a law requiring them to do so. Netflix responded by stating that they were concerned about distributing channels known to broadcast official government propaganda. Entertainment Online Service, which runs Netflix’s Russian content, partly owns Channel One.

In response to the removal of streaming, the streaming giant is facing a class-action lawsuit by Chernyshov and Lukoyanov & Partners for Russian subscribers. According to Deadline, the case was filed at the Khamovnichesky District Court in Moscow.

The law firm stated that the lawsuit was brought about by Netflix’s unilateral refusal in Russia to provide services to Russian users. Netflix only entered Russia in 2016 and has less than one thousand subscribers. Deadline reported that the lawsuit seeks 60 million rubles (PS554,000) as damages.

Netflix previously stated, “Given all the facts on the ground, I have decided to suspend my service in Russia.” Netflix has made 2015’s winter on fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom available on YouTube as a free download. They have not yet commented on the lawsuit.

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