Blood Kiss APK + MOD (Free Premium Choices) v1.15.3

Busy struggling with the difficult life out there, you may have forgotten the romantic part of your soul, and have been too long not to go into dream dates. Well, now give yourself some time to relax by letting your emotions flow with this wonderful interactive love story, Blood Kiss.

Jul 5, 2022
Size 59MB
Requires Android
5.1 and up

Blood Kiss, an interactive otome game that allows you to date handsome vampires, has finally been launched. All depends on your choices.
You can choose from a variety of episodes and have fun dating each vampire character.
Find your favorite vampire > Target him with love options > Make LOVE stories to survive!


The job I was unable to get was in a dungeon full of vampires.
What would you do with dangerous, mysterious vampires that hate humans?
These ikemen vampires from Blood Kiss will make you feel the romance of a secret otome game!


You were up to your neck in debt from your father and worked your tail off until suddenly you received an offer to pay all of your debt immediately.
You might be able to survive in the dungeon full of uncontrollable, extremely handsome vampires.

“Since we’ve discovered our secret, you can never leave here alive.”

The men, blood-oholics for human blood…

Day, Day, the mysterious and sexy CEO for noble blood vampires.
Gray, Gray’s ikemen colleague, believes that his vampire identity makes them monsters.
Ruel is a victim of his inferiority complex.
Dayan’s faithful right-hand man, Eden.
Dana, the secretary of vampires, hates humans.

Is this the secret nest of vampires?
Be filled with romance and danger?
Blood Kiss! is the latest episode in the vampire story series.

[About the game]

Interactive dating simulation game VN, where you decide what happens.
You have the power to make a difference in this mystery love dating game, where four hunks tell their stories.
Blood Kiss – You are the main character in each episode.
You can choose your dating style and create your results!
Find the endings of your favorite characters with over 200 choices. Hidden endings with secret anime Check out Blood Kiss for full episodes!
Start the countdown for your romantic date with one of the four vampires.

[Blood Kisses are for those who..]

You want to play an interactive otome but also dangerous and mysterious!
Are you looking to find a new survival game that features a variety of mysterious vampire fantasies?
You want to find all the secrets endings and special episodes?
Do you want to find love in desperate circumstances?
You can play an episode of otome roleplaying by your own choice!
I love to play an interactive game called otome with vampire fantasy stories!
You want to learn how to survive in a dangerous vampire caveon? There are many episodes.
Enjoy anime and novels about love stories?

[Notice on Device Permissions]

The following permissions are required to use the app’s full features.

[Optional permissions]

– Storage (Images media files, media, files, etc.): To save the gallery illustrations

What’s new?

– App Stabilization.

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