Blue Ocean Tycoon 1.1.8 Apk Mod

Dreaming of becoming a global logistics King – Blue Ocean Tycoon
Let’s explore the country’s 76 ports!

DEVELOPER Manodio Co., Ltd.
July 3, 2019
Size 79M
Requires Android
4.0.3 and up
You dream of being a global logistics king – Blue Ocean Tycoon
Let’s go to 76 ports in the country!

# Did you know that there are many ports around the globe?
You can find them in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Busan and Qingdao as well as Dubai, Rotterdam. Kaohsiung, Kelang. Antwerp, Los Angeles. Dalian, Lamchabang. Jakarta. New York, Valencia. NavaSheva. Jeddah. Colombo.

# 52 types of ships are available
There are five types: Blue Ocean Tycoon (freight), container line, ship, vessel, grainline, LNG tanker, and ferry. We wish you the best in your business by taking advantage of 52 units.

# Port-related upgrades, instant advertising system
Every port has a different trading volume. You can increase the trading volume of ports by using the port upgrading system. You can do port advertising. You can also do emergency advertising if you’re in a hurry.

# A secretary looking for a job is available. This will boost your business.
“Special assistant awaits your order.”
A unique ability doesn’t necessarily mean being a 007 agent. Special assistants can increase final revenue by 5%, ship prices +5% and experience +5%, as well as reduce sailing time by -10%.

# Ship upgrading system
Upgrades are possible for your ship. There are four possible configurations. A boat can go further by upgrading its engine cylinder.

Supporting Languages: Korean, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese

What’s new

– Resolved a security problem in the network
64-bit support

– Title images and icons have been updated.

Fixed 2x Ad button bug in the results window

Optimize your website to speed up the process
– Fixed a bug in the ranking screen that caused a banner to appear.

– Fixed a sailing bug.
– Fixed a crash bug at the harbor.

– Fixed ship upgrade bug.


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