Cell to Singularity APK + MOD (Free Shopping) v13.33

Cell to Singularity is a simulation game released by ComputerLunch. It has been out since April, but it still has a lot of fans. The game has achieved over 10 million downloads, along with hundreds of thousands of ratings on Google Play.

DEVELOPER ComputerLunch
Jul 21, 2022
Size 109MB
Requires Android
5.1 and up

This cosmic clicker game allows you to tap into the amazing story of evolution.
There was once a time when the Solar System was empty. This was over 4.5 billion years ago. Everything changed in a flash on the geologic timeline. The organic compounds that would lead to the humble origins of life were deep within the primordial soup. This epic evolution story can only be made possible by you.

With every click, you can go to the next chapter of evolution. To unlock the next chapter in the evolution of life, you will need entropy. Discover the twists and turns that led you to important milestones in life evolution such as the extinctions of dinosaurs and the discovery of fire. Explore chapters yet to be written – a future evolution beyond today.

You can tap the epic story of evolution, technology and humanity. It’s an amazing evolution game!

-This is the most precise game of human evolution on Earth!
– Hours of addicting, but very informative clicker gameplay
-Earn Entropy with every tap. This evolutionary currency is essential for all life in the universe.
– Click anywhere to activate Entropy and get new animal evolutions
– Spend your ideas on numerous technological and scientific upgrades to climb civilization’s Tech Tree later.
It’s a science-based game that explores the evolution of life on Earth. You can see the results of evolution in stunning 3D habitats. Find out how to unlock animals such as fish, lizards, mammals, and monkeys.
– Discover the secrets of the technological singularity and unlock the future of evolution.
-Play to discover and learn about scientific facts regarding the evolution of life, and natural history.
-Space Odyssey: As you move past modern civilization, enter speculative science fiction.
-Enjoy a classic soundtrack to classical music and get into a state of life-creation.
– Transform a single-cell organism’s evolution into a civilization on the verge of technological revolution
-Simulate the science behind life on Earth.
– Terraform Mars and Survive on Mars: Upgrade Tech

This science evolution game allows you to upgrade life from a single-cell organism to multi-celled ones, fish, reptiles and mammals, monkeys, people, and more. You can play the evolution of Life on Earth in all its past, present and future. Is humanity ready to survive the next stage of growth?

What’s new?

The simulation has been repaired as necessary. You can prepare for the next Exploration run using the “Fix Fungi Badge” button. This will restore any Exploration badges that were lost. The correct number of achievements is displayed. Stay cellular!


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