Critical Ops MOD APK 1.32.0.f1831 (Unlimited Bullets)

Critical Ops is a 3D MULTIPLAYER FPS designed exclusively for mobile. Experience action, where fast reflexes and TACTICAL skills are essential to success.

Jun 2, 2022
Size 19.73 MB
Version 1.32.0.f1831
Requires Android 4.4

Critical Ops is a 3D Multiplayer FPS that’s exclusively designed for mobile. You will experience action where quick reflexes are crucial to success and tactical skills are vital. Are you up for the challenge?

Critical Ops is a first person shooter. It features competitive combat via beautifully designed maps and challenging game modes. You can either play with your brothers or create your own scoreboard. You must answer when duty calls. Do you want to fight in The Breach or Coalition?

The outcome is determined by your skills and strategy. We guarantee fair-to-play gameplay by removing any in-app purchases that could give you competitive advantages. You can learn a wide range of weapons and sharpen your shooting skills through intense PvP gameplay. You will be competing against similar skilled operatives in competitive ranked games. You will gain new knowledge and mechanics through playing. This will allow you to grow as a player.

Get Social! Invite your friends to join you clan and create your dream team. Host private matches or organize tournaments for prizes. Y. You are stronger by yourself, but more powerful when you work with a team.

Critical Ops League brings esports to mobile platforms. Join our VIBRANTESPORT SCENE to build a reputation for you and your team. B come legends!

There are currently three modes of play in the game:

Two teams, two objectives! One team aims to place and defend the bomb, while the other tries to defuse it. D is the dominant team on the battlefield

In a timed deathmatch, two opposing teams will face off. Each bullet counts!

The game features two teams competing against each other with players working together to master all weapons. Get ready!

Our matchmaking allows you to play the game however you wish.

You can play all available game modes with operatives of the same skill level in fast, matchmade games.

Operatives compete to earn points and secure their rank by winning a matchmade version of Defuse. C imb to the top!

Traditional Critical Ops involves hosting or joining a room with any game type, and allowing a password to host private rooms.

Regular updates improve the game’s performance and allow you to unlock new features and skins that will personalize your gaming experience. C critical Ops will always be free to play. P purchases are cosmetic.

Get Critical Ops now!

What’s new?

New feature: The ping system
To cater to our esports players, the control settings menu was updated!
Scar-H is a new weapon
Operation warpaint In new weapon skins

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