Cytus II Apk Full 4.6.0 + OBB Data

Cytus II” is a music rhythm game created by Rayark Games. It’s our fourth rhythm game title, following the footsteps of three global successes, “Cytus”, …

DEVELOPER Rayark International Limited
April 15, 2022
Size 68M
Requires Android
4.4 and up
Rayark Games has created Cytus II, a music rhythm game. This is our fourth rhythm game title and follows the footsteps of “Cytus”, “DEEMO,”and “VOEZ”. This sequel to Cytus brings back the original staff, and it is the result of dedication and hard work.

Humans have redefined the internet and its connections in the future. The internet allows us to easily connect the real world and the internet, changing the way we live our lives for thousands of years.

Cytus is home to a mysterious DJ legend AEsir. His music is a magnet for people who fall in love with it. According to legend, every note and beat in his music hits the audience.
Their souls are at the core of their beings.

One day, AEsir suddenly revealed that he was holding the first mega-virtual concert AEsirfest and invited a top singer and a DJ to open. Unprecedented crowds erupted as soon as tickets were sold. Everyone wanted to see AEsir in person.

Millions of people connected to the FEST on the day of its launch. One hour prior to the event, the previous world record for simultaneous connections had been broken. The entire city was up and waiting for AEsir’s descent from the sky.

Game Features
– The “Active Judgement Line” rhythm gaming style
To get a high score, tap the notes until the line of judgment hits them. The gameplay experience can be enhanced with music and five types of notes. The songs can be easily absorbed by players.

– 100+ high-quality songs total (35+ base game, 70+ IAP).
You can find songs from composers all over the world, including those from Japan, Korea, Europe, Taiwan, America, and Europe. The characters allow players to choose from a variety of genres, such as electronic, rock, classical, and more. We are certain that the game will live upto our expectations.

More than 300 charts available
There are over 300 charts, ranging from easy to difficult. Players of all levels will find the rich game content to be enjoyable. Enjoy exciting challenges and the pleasure of having everything at your fingertips.

Play the game and explore the virtual internet with its characters
The unique story system “iM”, which is unique in its kind, will allow players and in-game characters alike to piece together the story behind Cytus II. You can reveal the truth with rich cinematic visuals.

* This game contains mild violence, vulgar language, and may contain some swear words. This game is suitable for users aged 15 and over.
* Additional in-app purchases are available for this game. You should choose based on your personal interests and abilities. Don’t overspend.
* Avoid addiction by paying attention to your game time.
* This game is not intended for gambling or any other illegal purpose.

What’s new

Cytus II 4.6 is now available!

Updates on new stories
Ilka’s story continues. This endless hunt, ensconced in darkness might be at the brink detonation.

New songs
– New songs have been added to Ilka’s story update!

New CAPSO Shop products
Three classic VOEZ tracks, VOEZ VII and Rin’s kimono are now available

Rewarding CAPSO members with new perks
New Glitch charts have been added!

Chart difficulty adjustment
– Minor adjustments to existing charts’ difficulties

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