Dandara APK 1.4.6 + Mod

Dandara apk is a smashing action mobile game full of mysterious and unknown dangers. In this game you can destroy all kinds of enemies with the power of props. In the game, the player controls a woman to take risks in a maze with the power of a scarf and a gun. Players can use the scarf to fix themselves on the labyrinth wall to help them move, and the player can rely on a pistol to destroy enemies or clean up obstacles.

Aug 10, 2020
Size 430MB
Requires Android
7.0 and up

** Winner – Best of the MIX – E3 2017 Finalist – 2017 Nominee – IMGA
** Finalist – Best Game – SB Games
** Finalist – Brazilian Award – BIG Festival 2016 **

The world of Salt is on the verge of collapse. Citizens, once free spirit, are now oppressed and isolated. However, not all is lost. Out of this aetherof fear comes a heroine, a beacon of hope. Dandara is her name.

Metroidvania’s unique platformer in 2D features mystical creatures and endless exploration. Jump across floors, walls and ceilings to defy gravity. Explore the many secrets and mysteries hidden in the world of Salt, and meet its diverse cast of characters. For survival and combat against oppression, empower Dandara.

Dandara, awaken to restore freedom and balance in this directionless world.

ENTER THE HIDDEN REAMS – The Trials of Fear Edition* includes 3 new areas, a big boss, new mechanics and powers, new music tracks and a secret ending. There are also many quality of life updates.

UNCOVER THE SEA – The Trials of Fear Edition puts a new emphasis on the story and fleshes out the legends surrounding the Salt. You can find new descriptions, dialogues and cutscenes to fit the existing characters and settings!

INNOVATIVE CONTROLS: Designed for touchscreen input and gamepad input, combat and movement interact seamlessly and smoothly.

BOUNDLESS EXPLORATION- Explore the mysterious world of Salt by making fluid jumps from any surface.

CHALLENGING PROGRESSION: Use speed, skill, wits and reflexes to solve problems, gain power-ups and reach areas previously unreachable.

BEAUTIFUL AND IMMERSIVE WE – An auditory and visual wonderland brought to life by stunning handcrafted pixel art, and original soundtrack compositions.

All Dandara owners can download the Trials of Fear Edition content for free.

What’s new?

Balance and solutions to the new fears.


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