Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Editi APK 1.0.2 + OBB

The character creation in the game is very successful, the modus operandi and motives are unexpected, and the class trials are very real. It makes the game more like a visual novel than an action-adventure game.

Jun 11, 2020
Size 42MB
Requires Android
7.0 and up

Part 1 of the Danganronpa 10th anniversary release

Danganronpa, celebrating its 10th anniversary is now available for smartphones
Enjoy this Danganronpa reborn
With improved gameplay and a new gallery feature

# Story

Hope’s Peak is an elite academy sponsored by the government that offers a high-quality education to high school students in various fields.

Makoto Naegi is an extraordinary protagonist who is accepted into the academy that holds the “hope” for the nation’s future.

All the other students selected him by lottery to attend the academy “Ultimate Lucky Student “.

Makoto suddenly loses consciousness at the entrance hall. He then enters what appears to be the academy’s interior. It is completely sealed off from the outside. He suddenly loses consciousness, and he finds himself in the interior of the academy.
The “Hope’s Peak Academy” name gives a very different impression of the dark mood. It is a prison-like atmosphere, with iron-barred windows and dingy corridors.

A stuffed bear pretending to be the headmaster greets students in the entrance hall. He tells them they will remain there until their death and that they must kill anyone who wants to leave.

Makoto is one of 15 Ultimate Students trapped in this academy.
Their hope is crushed by one after another. Their trust is shaken by incidents and the mysterious mastermind. What are their motives?

The battle against an unseen enemy begins…

# Game Features

High Speed Deductive Action
With the evidence and testimony you have gathered in your investigation, you can determine the truth of each incident. You can use the information you have gained in Class Trials at high speed to discredit your opponent’s statements.

2.5D Motion Graphics
Combining 2D illustrations of characters with objects in a 3-D environment creates a distinctly designed, planar and stereoscopic environment.
These 2.5D motion graphics were created using innovative motion techniques and camera work.

Fully optimized for Smartphone Controls
New controls for 3D map movement and user interface have been added!
With various adjustments, the map jumping function has been made even more smoother.

# Other Contents

Intimacy Gallery
Gallery of Intimacy Events
You can relive your favorite characters and events as many times you like.

Gallery of Characters
This allows players to see character sprites, lines and other information in a gallery.
You can now hear the one-liner if you’ve ever wanted it!

Ultimate Gallery
The gallery includes promotional illustrations and character sheets taken from the official art books.

[Supported OS] Android 7.0 or higher
*Not supported by specific devices

[Supported Languages] Text: English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese
Audio: English, Japanese

What’s new?

[v1.0.2] #Update Notes
Fixed an issue that caused the game to revert back to the state it was in before an ULTIMATE GALLERY piece was purchased beginning with CHAPTER SELECT.

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