Death Road to Canada APK 1.7.2b + Mod

Death Road to Canada is a pixel shooting adventure game in which the player will be in a world surrounded by zombies, and what the player can do is to survive as much as possible and drive the car all the way to Canada. Running wild, players need to go through countless dangers along the way, and in order to survive the player must defeat these horrible zombies.

Jun 6, 2022
Size 81MB
Requires Android
4.1 and up

Death Road to Canada is an Action-RPG that randomly generates road trips. As a leader of a group, you will be responsible for navigating cities and meeting strange people. You may also have to deal with up to 500 zombies simultaneously. Every aspect of the game is random: events, survivors, personalities, and skills. Every game is different.
The Death Road is a journey from Florida to Canada that takes you to the last nation on Earth. You will find rare encounters, special events, and recruits that are not common. Find a super-bodybuilder with the grunt that can lift and throw the car. You can teach your dog to stand upright and to shoot a minigun.

They are most often eaten by huge hordes slow-moving, classic-styled zombies.

*NOTE* An Android TV controller is required.

++ This game can only be played in English


– This product is designed to provide massive replay value.
– Bluetooth Game Pad Controllers Supported
-You can add friends and family to the game with Character Maker
– Meet your custom characters during your travels. They can be eaten accidentally or intentionally.
– You must make tough decisions in text events that can change depending on the group.
-You may find that some members of your team are more likable than others. Be careful!
– Many private events, and many unique characters with special talents.
– You can equip a variety of weapons. You can splat zombies using a flamethrower or battleaxe, hockey stick, magic staff (lightning bolt), Mjolnir and boomerang.
-Canada jokes written and performed by real Canadians are 100% accurate.
– Disable all human beings and have a team consisting of dogs who drive the car.
– A weapon that produces airhorn sounds computer-generated to sound incredibly real.

What’s new?

Major Update: Fireworks and Robots.

MANDIBLE updates add new locations, weapons and special characters to the game. You’ll also find a variety of new additions and tweaks, such as new zombie heads and buffs for old locations.


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