DRAGON QUEST 8 APK 1.2.1 + Mod

The game is simple and easy, adventure is also very simple, all the way to travel is also very happy, and the rhythm of the game makes people very comfortable, the player as long as the effort can beat the BOSS, this dream in the brave adventure world brought A long time off the intimacy, it is good.

Apr 21, 2021
Size 43MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Enjoy the 8th installment of the legendary DRAGON QUEST series!

The phenomenally successful DRAGON QUEST VIII sold 4.9 Million units worldwide and is now available for Android!
Begin an unforgettable adventure with Yangus, the bandit with a heart full of gold, Jessica, the high-born magical minx, and Angelo, the knight and lothario.

All you need in one package
After downloading the app, you don’t need to pay anything more. Every last bit of content is yours.
Get ready to play the DRAGON QUEST VIII epic from beginning to end and far beyond!

Legends relate of an old wand that was sealed with a powerful power that could cause fear in the hearts of those who used it.
Treachery by a malign wizard awakens the relic’s long-dormant magical powers, and an entire kingdom is thrown into a cursed sleep. This prompts a young soldier on an unforgettable journey.

Game Features
– Accessible, Simple Controls
Modern touch interfaces have been integrated into the control system, making it easy to use.
You can adjust the position of the directional pads freely by tapping the screen. This allows players to switch between one-handed or two-handed play.
A reworked combat system allows for easier play and one-tap battles.

– The Tension Systems
You can choose ‘Psyche Up” to boost your next attack during battle.
You can make a character more anxious by increasing their tension until they reach super-high tension.

Skill Points
Skill points can be earned as your characters level up. They can then be used to acquire new skills and spells.
This allows you to personalize your team exactly to your needs.

– Monster Teams
You can find certain monsters in the field that you can scout for your monster team. If you’re strong enough to defeat them, it is possible!
Your crack squad, once assembled, can take part in the intensely-contested tournaments at the monster arena or even help you in battle!

The Alchemy Pot
Combining existing items can create new products!
Even the most basic objects can be used as ingredients to make the best items!
Look for hidden recipes around the world and try to create something unique!

[Supported Devices] Android 5.0 and higher devices (some devices are not supported).

What’s new?

Fixed a bug

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