Duck Life: Space APK 4.00061

It is a peaceful day on Earth. You are enjoying your fame and fortune being the world duck racing champion. All of a sudden, a wormhole materialises in the sky and an evil looking alien duck appears. Without hesitation, he steals your hard-earned champion crown and flies off into space. Now it’s up to you to get it back!

Jun 22, 2021
Size 53MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

*** The Online Race is Coming Soon! ***
Get ready to travel the galaxy in the largest Duck Life adventure!

It’s a peaceful day here on Earth. You’re the world’s duck racing champion and you are enjoying your fame. A wormhole appears in the sky and suddenly, an evil-looking alien duck appears. He quickly steals your champion crown and flees into space. It’s your turn to take it back!

You can improve your running, swimming and climbing skills, as well as intelligence, so that you can race across the universe to regain your crown. To find out more about exotic worlds and to meet strange duck aliens, explore them. To win a trip on another planet, enter the duck racing tournament for each world and you will be one step closer!

It doesn’t take a team to do it! You don’t have to be a solo racer! To ensure your ducks are the most fashionable champions, you can buy clothing, hats and hairstyles.

-6 planets and their alien duck species
-More than 30 races are available to enter
-You can learn 6 skills and play 24 mini-games.
-You can personalize your ducks by adding hats, hairstyles and clothes to them.
– Adorable characters
– Amazing graphics
– Captivating music

What’s new?

* Supported 64-bit CPUs

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