EVE Echoes APK v1.9.23

EVE Echoes — it is a space multiplayer sandbox game set in the alternate universe of EVE. Forever write your name in the history of the whole galaxy, traveling on huge starships across the vast universe, and for this participate in Grand battles, conduct reconnaissance, trade accumulated resources and unite in powerful corporations and alliances

Dec 15, 2021
Size 99MB
Requires Android
5.1 and up

EVE Echoes Anniversary Countdown New Eden is about to celebrate a grand event!
EVE Echoes celebrates its 1st anniversary, and the conquest of stars and beyond is on the way to new horizons.

You can enjoy a new tutorial for new players and anniversary events that offer many rewards. You can scan and unlock new items at Data Nexus and Relic sites. You can build your own space fortress and then fight in an arena-style game mode, Faction Wargames. Here you can unleash your strategy against your opponent in team combat. Get ready to celebrate the 1st anniversary of EVE Echoes!

[Going Around New Eden – Get Ready!]
Are you fed up with the old tutorial system? This update gives life to the tutorial by remaking it. The new tutorial allows you to learn and experience all of the game’s gameplay content. You can also freely explore the world and embark on adventures. You can return to the tutorial missions at any time.

It’s Party Time! Celebrations for Anniversaries that Never Stop
All regions will have the option to purchase Anniversary Tokens. These tokens can be obtained by capsuleers by exploring Nihilus Spa and then exchanged for high-quality supplies at the Anniversary Stores. All-new anniversary skins are here: Sunset, Midday and Midnight. Now is the right time to return to the game!

[Redeem Epic Rewards With Brand New Relics & Data Sites]
Capapeers now have the ability to scan and visit Data Nexus and Relics sites with special analyzers. To get new equipment, decrypt containers. This includes Integrated Rigs as well as Industry Decryptors.

[Build Your Space Complex: Citadel Ancillary Structures]
You can create various Citadel Ancillary structures, as well as your space complex, to enjoy exciting adventures in New Eden. The Corporation Citadel upgrade will remain part of the New Eden universe forever and cannot be destroyed. To occupy the Citadel, players can use PvP to make it more exciting!

[New PvP Mode Available! Faction Wargames now available
Prepare for the new team battle mode 10v10. Faction Wargames is a new game mode that joins New Eden! You can choose from a variety of premade ships and perfect your skills without worrying about losing it! You can earn loyalty points by engaging in arena combat, which can be used to exchange for prizes. You can dominate the arena with your superior strategy and tactics!

What’s new?

1. Improvements in the creation and acceptance of contracts
1. Showdown Mode can be enabled on a dreadnought to immediately remove its undock protection.
2. The top will display any unprocessed requests that are still awaiting approval by the corporation.
3. For the “Interstellar Bazaar”, a new login screen was added.
5. Fixed an issue that prevented the Nanocore screen from being accessed at times.

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