Farming USA 2 APK 1.79 + Mod

A game that simulates a farm. Players can open a variety of machinery to sow the harvest, the farm is very large, play a lot. Come and experience!

Dec 7, 2021
Size 72MB
Requires Android
6.0 and up

You can plow, fertilize and plant your crops in nine fields spread over 250 acres. You can grow and sell wheat, barley and soybeans as well as hay. You can play cross-platform multiplayer and lend a hand to your friends on their farms.
You can feel the land as you drive your tractor in realistic wheel physics.

Raise livestock in four unique ways!

You can raise cattle in pasture (where you can breed cows with bulls), or feedlot (for quicker growth).
Become a Dairy Farm owner to raise milk cows and make money.
Buy the Hog Barn to raise 2,000 pigs.

In your spare time, go to two logging forests and have an entirely different experience. You will be able to cut, haul, and then sell logs.

You can use the market to manage cash flow, as you can see real-time fluctuations.

Pay attention to the weather. Rain and sun can have an impact on crops’ growth and harvest. Your fields will become muddy if there is too much rain. To get rid of snowy conditions in winter, you will need to use snow plows.

Farming USA 2 is the sequel of Farming USA. It has four times as many farmers!

You can control over 100 vehicles and other equipment, while expanding your farming knowledge.

These features include:

Hiring workers can help increase productivity.
Expand your fields and unlock more yield potential
You can control realistic tractors as you tend to your land
Log trees for quick cash
Weather can have an impact on fields
– Full controller support
Realistic day/night cycle
-Full season with mud or snow
You can adjust your settings to adjust crop and animal speed to suit your play style
Tilt or slide steering are your best options
You can change the resolution and graphic quality of your graphics to enhance the player experience
Teleport quickly between tractor models
– Use a user-friendly menu to manage fields, equipment, or animals

What’s new?

-Fixed screen/interface issues
-Camera issues fixed
-Updated double-crop soybean planting/yields

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