When the game screen appears, a familiar move, time seems to be back fifteen years ago.Close your eyes, remember handsome handsome actor, gentle and lovely actress, super screen, familiar sound, moving background music, refreshing, novel system, and the tragedy. .

Feb 28, 2018
Size 36.5MB
Version 1.0.29
Requires Android 4.2 and up

Limited Time Discount
This application is large and will take some time to download.
This application uses approximately 2GB of memory. It will take up to 4GB of memory to download the application. Make sure you have enough space available to store it.

[Read before you play]

For more information on how to trigger the special match with the “MAX Stats”, please refer to the help page.

The terrain and timing of the action may cause the buggy, airships, submarines and other modes to stop moving when the player embarks on or disembarks. The only way to fix this is to start the game again from a backup file that was created before the bug occurred. We recommend frequently saving and using multiple save files. This bug is most common when players embark on or disembark from events while very close to terrain.

The game won’t save automatically if you escape from a battle on a world map, even though the Auto Save function has been turned ON.

[Applicable devices]

To see the best gaming devices, visit the URL below. You should note that not all devices are listed. There may be speed or bug issues depending on user specifications. The app has not been tested on all devices. As more devices are confirmed, the list will be updated.

We are unable to guarantee that the app will work on other devices than those listed below.

[Applicable OS]
Android 4.2 or higher

Final Fantasy VII, the smash hit RPG, is finally available on Android!
*Total includes both downloads and packaged sales.

This dramatic story is loved by many fans around the world. It was the first Final Fantasy to include 3D backgrounds and CG movie scene scenes. The first 3D version of the battle stages is available, adding a greater sense to the spectacle and awe surrounding combat.

The amazing “material” system allows you to customize your characters in almost any way that suits you. It also lets you create unlimited combinations of spells or abilities.

This product is a port of Final Fantasy VII for PC. There have not been any changes or additions to the story.


The evil Shinra Electric Power Company is a monopolist of Mako energy production and holds on to world power.
A revolutionary group called Avalanche attacks and destroys a Mako reactor that serves the sprawling city of Midgar.
Cloud Strife is a former Shinra “Soldier” unit member who joins the raid as a hired mercenary by Avalanche. He sets the stage for an epic struggle to save the planet and his friends.

Android ver. Android ver.

– Choose from a virtual analogue control pad or a fixed 4-way digital control pad option to play a simple, comfortable virtual controller that does not obscure the action. You can adjust the opacity of any on-screen controls from the Config Menu.

– Two new features that make playing easier and more enjoyable!
Android edition includes the ability to turn off enemy encounters on the world or area maps (will never skip event battles), and the Max Stats command that will make you all-powerful in a blink of an eye.

Major game controls

Movement: You can choose between digital and analogue modes using the virtual joypad
Navigation menu: Digital buttons fixed
Click the button to confirm
Click the B button to cancel
Click on the Y button to open the menu

What’s new?

This fix addresses the issue of the app not functioning properly on Android devices running operating systems 7.0 or higher.

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