Fishing Clash APK + MOD (Big Combo) v1.0.188

Fishing Clash is a highly rated 3D fishing simulation game that constantly increases the number of downloads. It is also one of the top 50 biggest grossing games on Google Play today. Talking about the reason, it’s probably just a few general lines like attractive simulation, intuitive gameplay, beautiful scenery, lots of fish… But dig deeper, and you’ll understand why Fishing Clash attracts many players.

Aug 2, 2022
Size 128MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Ever had fish in your brain and couldn’t get to your favorite fishing spots? You thought fishing was boring? Fishing Clash is a free simulation fishing game that millions of anglers have enjoyed.
Fishing Clash combines exciting features from multiplayer fishing games. It combines the realistic nature of simulation games with the competitiveness and social aspects of hunting apps and fishing. It is a virtual fishing forecast app that allows anglers to compete against each other. You can find many fishing spots around the world and it is also a multiplayer simulation game that allows you to fish with other players.

How do you catch a fish using this fishing simulator?
* Start the game.
* Tap the cast button at the bottom-right corner.
To ensure that the line tension indicator remains in the centre of the top bar, tap the strike button repeatedly.
Enjoy the sight of the fish on the hook!

What’s next for Fishing Clash?
* Catch more fish and win duels in the PVP game mode.
* Participate in Multiplayer Challenges and Championships.
* Get Lure Cards to unlock new fishing spots and level up!

A game that allows you to choose from dozens of fisheries around the world
You can fish anywhere from Florida Coast & Kenai River, to Lake Biwa and Galapagos, as well as many different fish such bass, carp, sharks, and monster fishes from the Deep Sea.

Fish smart
To catch more fish, collect lure cards such as in CCG and upgrade them! You can win master angler and world cup tournaments by using the best lure cards. This is something that you won’t find in any free fishing apps or other multiplayer fishing games.

Real-time duels simulator
Enjoy the excitement of multiplayer games, and compete against other anglers in a fishing match. To catch fish you need brains and strategy. Learn how to fish and win every multiplayer battle in the pvp mode.
You can hunt for incredible rewards such as Lure Cards, new rods and skill tokens by visiting different fishing spots. You can pass the fishing test and challenge the angry sharks to become a catfish hunter, or a traveller who catches the largest fish at a variety of fishing spots.

Join or Create a Clan
Fishing Clash is a simulation at its core, but it also allows you to socialize as in free apps for fishing. You can meet other anglers and exchange lure cards for different fishing spots.

Use your skills to catch fish.
Each fishing spot has its skill tree. Use skill tokens to unlock new skills, bonus points, and other bonuses for specific fish species or rarities! You can compete in different pvp modes to advance to the fishing master league.

Amazing fishing spots
No matter what fishing style you prefer, whether you are a fan of ice fishing or flick fishing, you will love the beauty of all points. Fishing Clash has beautiful 3D views and hand-crafted fish that you will love to see on your fishing line. You can see the simulator in action.

Quality content, regular and fresh!
You can find new fish, new fishing techniques, and new rods in this simulator. There’s always something new to do!

The game you must play in 2022
Fishing Clash is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys multiplayer gaming, whether they are professional fish anglers or a casual gamers. It offers an exciting experience in the free fishing game genre, with hundreds of species and tens to thousands of fishing spots worldwide. You won’t find a better free simulator. Download now and catch that trophy fish angler! Get ready to play!

What’s new?

How are you doing today?
How is your summer fishing season? You should get the most enjoyment from it.
We’ve made some cool game enhancements from our side. We are also working to create more engaging content so you can have the best fishing experience possible.
Enjoy your fishing trips!

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