Five Nights at Freddys: HW APK v1.0 b54

Five Nights at Freddys: HW – this is the eighth game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. The game contains about 50 game mini-games, which you can access from the game center. Many of these mini-games recreate the previous series of the game. It’s time to take on a job you know well! try to repair the ventilation with tight passages, fix broken animatronics that can come to life at any time, or die of fear in the evening in the room of the night guard.

Nov 25, 2020
Size 33MB
Requires Android
7.0 and up

Five Nights At Freddy’s Help Wanted: A collection of classic and new mini-games set within the Five Nights universe. In a collection of classic and new FIVE NIGHTS at FREDDY’S(tm), experiences, you will have to survive terrifying encounters with your favorite killer animatronics. “Where fantasy meets fun are brought to life!”
You’re now a hired person. You can repair claustrophobic ventilation systems or troubleshoot animatronics that might activate at any time. Or you could spend your evenings in the nighttime security office.

PIZZA PARTY-Scenes from classic titles have been updated for an immersive experience.

What’s new?

Additional game optimization, focusing on devices with 2GB or more RAM.   

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