Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheater APK 2.3

The plugin contains the most common cheats, including unlimited life, unlimited ammo, autoloading, and quick money.

How it works: 1. Go to CJ’s house and save the game in a new slot. 2. Open this app and select the same slot you just saved the game to. 3. Select the cheats you want to use, then press save. 4. Go back to the game and load the save. 5. Have fun cheating.

Feb 4, 2015
Size 1.5MB
Version 2.3
Requires Android 2.3 and up

Note: This app is unofficial and third-party. It provides cheats for GTA San Andreas on Android. The game is not included.
You can unlock all the vehicles and weapons that used to take a lot of time when completing missions instantly. You don’t have to spend hours on stats upgrades when you can set them yourself. This app offers a new way to play the game.

How it works
1. CJ will allow you to save the game and open a new slot.
2. This app will open and allow you to select the exact same slot that you saved.
3. Click on the cheats that you wish to use and then click Save.
4. Save the file and go back to the game.
5. Have fun cheating.

What’s new?

Version 2.1
+ Fixed compatibility issues with the game’s latest update (1.06), which was released on 25 October.

Version 2.2
+ Bug Fix.

Version 2.3
+ Fixed an issue that some players were having towards the end.

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