Greenify MOD APK 4.7.8 (Unlocked)

 Keep your device as smooth and lasting as on the first day in a unique way!

Nov 14, 2019
Size 4M
Version 4.7.8
Requires Android 5.0

Featured as Lifehacker’s Top 1 Utility in 2013 Best Android Apps (, Android Authority’s Top 3 Best Root Apps (
“Aggressive Doze”, and “Doze on the Go,” maximize battery savings on Android 6+ even without root! (details in the settings).

Your phone or tablet should never become slower or more battery-hungry after installing many apps. Greenify makes your device run as smooth and lasts as the day it was purchased.

Greenify helps you to identify the bad apps and place them in hibernation. This will stop them from lagging the device or leaking the battery. They cannot do anything without being launched by you or other apps. However, they can still function fully when running in the background.

Please report bugs in the XDA forum ( or the G+ community (

Greenify will never collect your data, despite accessibility service’s capabilities. It just uses it to automate hibernation.

Important:Greenifying your app means that you know that all background functionality (services, periodic tasks, event receivers, alarms, widget updates, push messages, etc.) will be disabled during hibernation unless you are actively using the app.

If you do not rely on these apps, don’t greenify them. You should verify the impact of greenifying apps that you heavily depend on.

Greenify requires background services to enable auto-hibernation. It is extremely lightweight and consumes almost no CPU or battery power.


DEVICE ADMIN : This app uses administrator privileges to immediately turn off the screen after automatic hibernation of non-root devices. If required, this permission will only be asked for.
DRAW OVER ANY OTHER APP: To dimm the screen during auto hibernation, when the screen will be off.
DISABLESCREEN LOCK AND BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERIES: Hibernation is possible on devices that are not root.
GET ACCOUNTS AND WRITE SYNCSETTINGS: If the sync task is too often, you can control the account sync between apps.

This app makes use of Accessibility services to automate hibernation.

FAQ ===

* It appears that automatic hibernation does not work.
* Some of my greenified applications (e.g. Google Maps), don’t seem to hibernating.
* I would like to greenify the system apps
* Apps that have been de-greenified still get no push notification
Read here:

=== Translation ===

All translations are created by community volunteers and open for contribution:

=== Donation ===

If you love Greenify, please consider the “donation package” ( for extra experimental features:

* Apps for the Greenify system
* Details about the behavior of apps on your device
* Plus, many more

What’s new?

NEW: You can restrict the app’s ability to run in the background, to make it less distracting. It requires Island with God Mode activated for a non-root device. (Android 9+)
Both the Wake-up tracker (and cut-off) now work with Android 10 and can be used for apps on Island.
App analyzer has been improved with foreground service detection, and other minor tweaks.
When only apps on Island are available, the shortcut “Hibernate & Sleep” has been fixed.

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