Hearthstone APK 24.0.145077

Hearthstone apk is a competitive card game. Exquisite animations and special effects, rich and strategic game modes make this card game very high-endurance.The game has nine different occupations. The player has to build a suitable deck based on his existing card, direct the hero, cast spells, and fight with the game friends.

Jul 21, 2022
Size 111MB
Requires Android
7.0 and up

HEARTHSTONE(r), Blizzard Entertainment’s award-winning collectible game card, comes from the same studio that brought you Overwatch(r), and World of Warcraft(r). Create powerful decks by collecting powerful cards. Summon minions to take control of shifting battlegrounds. Use a masterful strategy to outwit any opponent.
Each card has an amazing ability. Use strategy to build your deck and clever tricks for winning these PvE or PvP battles. A Hearthstone card, whether it’s minions, quests, heroes, or spells, can drastically change the outcome of a duel, with its powerful effects and bizarre interactions. You can play as a clever rogue or a powerful mage or any one of the ten Hero classes in Hearthstone – all are free!

Enjoy the mischief and magic of Hearthstone with your friends. Join your friends to battle and DOWNLOAD NOW!

AN EVER-EXPANDING WARCRAFT UNIVERSE. You can join your favorite Warcraft heroes, such as Jaina Proudmore and Illidan Stormrage. As you build your deck and collect cards, explore iconic locations in Warcraft’s beloved universe. Take control of the Battlegrounds of Azeroth by mastering the unexpected.

PLAY THE HIT GAMES MODE HEARTHSTONE BLADEGROUNDS. Invite your friends to Battlegrounds. Eight heroes will compete in a PvP battle. The final one standing wins it all! Which one will you take home the Battlegrounds crown!

MASTER AN ALL-NEW RPG MODE WITH ROGUELIKE ELEMENTS: HEARTHSTONE MERCENARIES. Create and customize your favorite Warcraft characters. You don’t need to create a deck. Grab your Mercenaries, and get into combat. Choose the skills that will help you defeat your enemies. Learn a new RPG and get into epic combat. Your earnings can be used to equip your Mercenaries and upgrade their abilities. Your Mercenaries will progress as well as their enemies, so plan to fight against ever-evolving foes. Which of your Mercenaries will win their glory?


HONE YOUR SKILLS – Practice in PvE adventures, face fierce competition worldwide in real time PvP, and duel the most powerful Heroes in Warcraft’s universe. Jaina, Thrall and Uther, Illidan, plus many more!

JUMP RIGHT IN: These fun introductory missions will introduce you to Hearthstone’s intuitive gameplay in just a few seconds, and lead you to your first duel.

DUEL EPIC HEROES & GLORY AWAITS: Defeat hard-to-beat opponents in real-time PvP. Win and build your deck with hundreds of cards – your collection will grow in this CCG.

8-PLAYER EXPERIENCE : Are you ready for the Battlegrounds with your skills? Seven other players take on the roles familiar Heroes from WoW history. They create powerful boards of recruited minions and then duel in an auto-battler until one winner is crowned.

COMPETITIVE ROGUELIKE MODE: HEARTHSTONE MARCENARIES: Explore new ways to play this brand-new RPG. Rogue-like maps, seemingly limitless team, treasure and ability combinations create a unique RPG experience for every battle. You can now say goodbye to building and maintaining 30 card decks. Choose the 6 Mercenaries that you believe have the ability to defeat your opponents and get your bounties. You can unlock new abilities and equipment as you play, which will increase the power and effectiveness of your Mercenaries and allow you to fight in new ways.

What’s new?

MURDER AT CASTLE NATRIA IS HERE – Get started with your detective work! Hearthstone’s 135th card expansion launched on August 2, and includes the Infuse keyword, and the Location card type.

BATTLEGROUNDS UPDATE: An all-new Hero, balance adjustments and new emotes are now available at Battlegrounds!

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