HIDE PROP: Seek Online Hunt APK v1.2.1

Hide and seek game in which you hide and find others. Players around the world have been divided into Hunters and Props. Become an object and hide well like you were part of the map from the beginning. Or hunt the hidden players as a Hunter by finding all hidden object and shooting them before they escape!

Jun 25, 2019
Size 53MB
Version 1.2.1
Requires Android 4.1

You hide and you find others in the hide-and-seek game. The world’s players have been divided into Props and Hunters. You can become an object to hide as if you were a part of the original map. You can also hunt hidden players as a Hunter, by finding hidden objects and shooting them before the escape!
A thrilling, addictive multiplayer game that is free to play. It features pixel-art graphics and easy-to-learn Prop Hunt gameplay. You will love our new version of Hide and Seek. It features beautiful graphics, beautiful environments and diverse characters.

Level Up System
Boards of global leaders
Real-time online 5v5 multiplayer game.
Explore Hidden Props Levels
Beautiful 3D cube art graphics.

What’s new?

Minor adjustments.

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