Idle Ants APK + MOD (Free Upgrade) v4.3.1

Ants are the true lords of the underground and they live among us. They’ve been building cities and expanding their communities well before man was able to cobble together his first hut. Now, you can enter the land of ants and see first hand their organized life and structured world take shape.

Dec 22, 2021
Size 148MB
Requires Android
6.0 and up

The underground’s true lords, the ants, live among us. Before man could build his first house, they’ve been expanding their cities and building new communities. You can now enter the Land of the Ants and witness their structured life and world taking shape.
Your colony of ants will be commanded like a god, and they will eat other bugs, eggs and exotic food. You can make money by letting your army eat everything!

Upgrade your colony and make it a powerful ant empire in this sim.
– Increase the speed and evolution of your worker ants!
Maximize your ant’s strength while they eat to survive!

The ants are waiting for a new leader. It could be you.

What’s new?

VIP Membership – A new feature
Performance Optimization
Balance Tweaks


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