IMVU MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Your metaverse with the 3d virtual world is in IMVU, the world’s largest social experience. Download the app to create your customized avatar, make new friends, go to virtual parties, and explore an entire world in 3D!

May 16, 2022
Size 33.33 MB
Requires Android
6.0 and up

IMVU is the largest social network in the world, and your metaverse will be created with the 3D virtual world. Get the app now to create your avatar, meet new friends, have virtual parties and explore a whole world in 3D.
You want to meet people all around the globe to have fun, host events, chat with friends, or just go on a date. Create avatars to join millions of others on a free virtual matchmaking game!

IMVU is not just a life simulation; it’s a virtual world in which you can create avatars that reflect your personal style.

You can make 3D avatars and customize animated emojis. Also, you can send messages to chat rooms that are super fun. IMVU is the place to find your dream life!


Your avatar is your life. Are you looking for a love story to share? Meet up on a virtual date. Are you looking for friends? Find friends around the globe. Are you ready to travel? IMVU offers a virtual world that you can explore.


Create your doll version! To make friends and have fun with our virtual world, you can create your avatar. You can shop without restrictions and customize your avatar to your liking!


Our life simulator will take your friendships to the next level. Use your animated WithMoji to chat with friends. Play the online social game and take on the role of your choice in your virtual world.

Join a Virtual Chat

Chat with people all around the globe and get to know them! 3D chat is a way to have full conversations that go beyond just instant messages.


Virtual chat features a variety of emojis that give life to your avatar in the virtual chat. IMVU is your virtual home. Get started now and enjoy this 3D game with a personalized avatar!

What’s new?

Dark Mode is now available You can save battery life and protect your eyes! Dark Mode
Get VCOIN and purchase up to 25,000 VCOIN per transaction with one of our new VCOIN packages.
Verify your email! You won’t be able send messages to friends or existing threads until your email is verified.

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